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美剧原文 老友记第六季24-25

[00:02.36]God, that is the most beautiful engagement ring ever! 这真是世上最美的订婚戒指 
[00:06.90]You should know. You bought, like, a billion of them. 你一定很识货,你买过一大堆 
[00:11.31]You didn't get one. 但是你没有 
[00:14.61]-Tonight's the big night. -How you gonna ask her? -好,就是今晚了 -你要怎么进行? 
[00:18.11]We're gonna go to her favorite restaurant. 保证完美 我会带她上她最爱的餐厅 
[00:21.35]I'm gonna get her favorite champagne. She'll know how expensive it is. 我要送她一瓶她很喜欢的香槟 那她就知道有多贵了 
[00:28.19]When the glasses are full, instead of proposing a toast, I'm gonna propose. 然后等酒斟好了,我不会敬酒 我会向她求婚 
[00:34.60]It sounds perfect! 好棒喔 
[00:36.87]-You'll mess it up. Let me do it. -I won't mess it up. -你会搞砸 让我来吧 -我才不会搞砸 
[00:41.00]-lf she says no,can I have the ring? -She won't say no. -要是她说不,戒指可以给我吗 -她不会说不 
[00:45.34]If. 要是 
[00:47.11]-Sure. -What about me? I want it too. -没问题 -那我呢?我也想要 
[00:50.95]-She won't say no. -I'll let you borrow it. -她不会说不 -我再借给你 
[01:03.73]-Give it. -It's gone. -还给我 -吞下去了 
[01:07.03]Phoebe. 菲比 
[01:16.10]We're practically kissing. 我们在接吻喔 
[01:20.48]The One With the Proposal 本集播出:“惊喜的求婚” 
[01:57.88]Anyone free tonight? My boss is hosting a charity event for kids. 晚上有人有空吗? 我主管要主持救助贫童慈善会 
[02:02.82]The more people I bring, the better I look. Monica? Chandler? 我带越多人去越有面子 摩妮卡?钱德? 
[02:07.12]We can't go. We're going to dinner. Remember? 摩妮卡和钱德不能去 我们要去吃饭,记得吗? 
[02:10.39]-Oh,my God. I'm so sorry. -What's the big deal? -天哪,真抱歉 -干嘛这么激动? 
[02:14.73]I get mad when Rachel doesn't remember where we're going. 我只是很气瑞秋不记得 我们要去哪里 
[02:20.57]Where are you going? 你们要去哪里? 
[02:24.04]-How about you guys? -Open bar? -那你们呢? -酒品免费? 
[02:26.77]-I think so. -I can do that for the kids. -应该是 -我可以为孩子们喝酒 
[02:30.81]I'll come. I'm making money. It's time I give some back. 那我也要去 我现在有收入 也该回馈社会了 
[02:35.32]You could give back the money you owe me. 你也可以把欠我的钱还给我 
[02:38.99]Okay. Have a benefit. 好啊,你办义卖啊 
[02:44.19]Ross, can you go to a charity event tonight? 罗斯 你晚上可以参加慈善晚会吗? 
[02:47.36]I have plans with Elizabeth. 不行,我跟伊丽莎白有约 
[02:49.50]You're already doing your part for the kids. 你已经在为孩童贡献心力了 
[02:54.37]It's our last night before she leaves for camp. To be a counselor. 再过几天她要去夏令营 去当指导员 
[03:00.74]I have a question. All jokes aside, where is this relationship going? 罗斯 我问你 撇开笑话不提 这段感情要往哪里走? 
[03:05.85]All jokes aside? I didn't agree to that. 等等,撇开笑话不提? 我可不同意 
[03:10.39]-Do you see this as long-term? -I don't know. -你认为你们可以长久吗? -我不知道 
[03:13.92]-You are 12 years older than her. -Who's counting? -你比她大12岁喔 -谁会去算? 
[03:17.46]Well,she is. She's this many. 她会,她才这么大 
[03:22.00]Ross, she is really young. 罗斯,她真的很年轻 
[03:24.83]Does everyone feel this way? 等等,你们都这么认为吗? 
[03:27.47]-Yeah,sort of. -Sorry. 有一点 抱歉 
[03:30.54]I thought you were just making jokes. I had no idea. 我以为你们只是爱开玩笑 我都不知道 
[03:34.71]You guys are wrong. Yes,there is a chronological age difference. 不过你们都错了 没错,我们是有年龄上的差异 
[03:39.48]But I never notice it, because she is very mature. 但是我都感觉不到 为什么?因为她很成熟 
[03:43.38]It doesn't matter what you guys think. I'm dating Elizabeth, not you. 况且我根本不在意你们的看法 跟她交往的是我,不是你们 
[03:48.32]Not what she said last night. 她昨晚可不是这么说的 
[03:52.69]See,now,he could date her. 他配她就够幼稚 
[03:59.40]Will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给我吗? 
[04:02.30]Will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给我吗? 
[04:04.37]Hey, you marry me. 嫁给我 
[04:13.62]-What's going on, little elves? -It's the big night. We wish you luck. -怎么了,小精灵们? -今晚很重要,我们想祝你好运 
[04:18.65]-You have the ring? -In my pocket. 戒指带了吗? 就在口袋里 
[04:26.23]-Phoebe. -Wha..? 菲比 
[04:30.53]Will you guys get out of here? This is a surprise. 麻烦你们出去 我想给她惊喜,她会看出来 
[04:34.64]Yeah,you guys. Get out of here. 没错,快出去 
[04:39.27]Hey,guys. 你们好 
[04:42.98]-You look beautiful. -Thank you. -你好漂亮 -谢谢 
[04:52.29]What's going on? 怎么了? 
[04:54.19]We're just really... 我们只是… 
[04:56.26]excited about this charity event we have to go to. 要参加慈善晚会觉得很兴奋 
[05:05.20]-Here. -Thank you. 给你 谢谢 
[05:06.97]-So, what's going on here? -Well,this is a silent auction. -现在是怎样? -这是一场不喊价拍卖会 
[05:11.47]They lay the stuff here. You write down your offer. 要卖的东西都在这里 你写下竞标价 
[05:15.18]Then the highest bid gets it. 出价最高的就是得主 
[05:17.45]I know what a silent auction is. What's going on with your hair? 我知道什么叫不喊价拍卖会 我是说你的头发怎么了? 
[05:23.69]-Why? -No,it's nice. -怎么说? -不是啊,很好看 
[05:27.89]Nice to see you. So glad you brought someone. 欢迎 你带了一位朋友来 
[05:31.26]Someone? I brought people. 一位?我带了两位 
[05:33.26]Phoebe, this is Mr. Thompson. He's the head of my department. 菲比,这位是汤普森先生 他是我的部门主管 
[05:38.03]-And I also brought my friend Joey. -Shrimp toast! -我还带了我的朋友乔伊… -虾子吐司 
[05:43.17]You know, I don't know where he is. 我不知道他在哪里 
[05:47.04]I hope you'll bid. 希望你会参加竞标 
[05:48.81]Actually,I was about to bid on this lovely trip to Paris. 我正打算投标这趟巴黎之旅 
[05:53.01]-Nice choice. Good luck. -Thank you. -有眼光,祝你好运 -谢谢 
[05:57.62]Okay. 好 
[05:58.82]Twenty dollars. 20元 
[06:09.26]Shut the door! Shut the door! 把门关上,把门关上 
[06:12.00]-What's going on? -Guys are throwing water balloons. -怎么了? -对面的男生在朝我们丢水球 
[06:15.80]Call the cops. That's what I did to kids in my building. 你们得报警 我都这样对付我家那栋的小孩 
[06:19.84]No, it's a water balloon fight. We started it. 这是水球仗,是我们挑起的 
[06:25.01]I stopped by to see if you wanted to see this play tonight. 听我说 我来问你晚上要不要去看戏 
[06:29.45]It's excellent. The director is.. 这出戏应该很棒,导演… 
[06:31.95]-Who drank all the kamikazes? -Nobody. We put them in here! -谁把神风特攻队都喝了? -没有,在水球里 
[06:36.72]You want some? 你要吗? 不要 
[06:40.19]-Could I talk to you for a second? -Yeah,sure. 我可以跟你讲一下话吗? 当然可以 
[06:44.60]So this play, what do you think? 所以你要去看戏吗? 
[06:47.17]-It's gotten great reviews.. -Attack! -它的剧评很好… -攻击! 
[06:52.21]-Put your balloons down! -You put your balloons down! -放下水球 -你们才放下 
[06:55.91]Everybody put their balloons down! 统统都把水球放下 
[07:02.35]Now,this is a nice suit! 这可是高级西装 
[07:09.62]If you'll excuse us... 请你们出去一下 
[07:11.36]I would like to speak to Elizabeth alone for a moment. 我要单独跟伊丽莎白谈谈 
[07:18.57]Whoa,Liz. Your dad's a bummer. 丽莎,你爸好扫兴 
[07:24.71]Our next item is the romantic trip to Paris. 下一项拍卖品是巴黎浪漫之旅 
[07:28.41]It goes to Emil Alexander with a high bid of $2300. 由艾弥尔亚历山大 以2千3百元的高价得标 
[07:33.21]So close! 只差一点 
[07:36.88]Guys,look. Got me some drinks. 你们看,我拿了几杯酒 
[07:41.06]-What are you doing? -Open bar. -你在干什么? -不用钱嘛 
[07:45.33]Well,now it's an empty bar. 你会把人家喝垮 
[07:48.63]You can't stand anyone else enjoying themselves, can you? 你就是见不得别人开心对吧? 
[07:53.00]Finally,our biggest item. 最后是今晚的最大项目 
[07:55.40]The 22-foot Gentleman's Daysailer sailboat. 22尺豪华帆船 
[07:58.91]The winning bid was a whopping $20,000. 得标金额高达2万元 
[08:03.81]I won. 我赢了 
[08:06.95]That was my guess. 那是我猜的 
[08:09.88]-What? What? What? -I guessed $20,000. -什么? -我猜2万 
[08:13.69]Joey,it is an auction. You don't guess. You buy! 乔伊,这是拍卖会 你不是猜,是买 
[08:18.86]What? 什么? 
[08:22.23]I don't have $20,000. 我没有2万 
[08:23.87]Congratulations on your new boat, Joey Tribbiani. 恭喜你购得新船… 乔伊崔比亚尼 
[08:31.11]Joey,sit down. 坐下啦 
[08:33.31]Forget her. You enjoy this. 别理她,开心就好 
[08:53.46]What are you doing? 你在干什么? 
[08:55.76]"One nation... 一个国家 
[08:58.27]under God,indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." 在神之下 不可分割,全民拥有 自由公正 
[09:03.64]I remembered it. The champagne is here. 我记得是这样背,香槟来了 
[09:07.28]-You okay? -Yes. I'm good. Are you good? -你没事吧? -我很好,你好吗? 
[09:10.21]Is everything..? Are you perfect? 这一切…你很好吗? 
[09:13.35]Yeah. I'm okay. 还好 
[09:14.75]Actually,I'm a bit cold. Can I have your jacket? 其实我有点冷 外套可以借我吗? 
[09:18.52]No, you can't have my jacket. 不行,我的外套不能借你 
[09:22.12]Because then I would be cold. 因为那样我就会冷 
[09:24.86]If you thought you'd be cold, you should've brought a jacket. 你要是觉得会冷 应该自己带外套 
[09:30.13]But, other than that, are you okay? 除此之外你好吗? 
[09:34.47]-Are you sure you're okay? -Yes. I'm fine. -你真的没事吗? -对,我很好 
[09:39.04]In fact,I've been fine for a long time now and I think... 我这段日子一直都很好 我觉得… 
[09:44.45]the reason is you. 都是因为有你 
[09:47.28]That's sweet. 好甜蜜喔 
[09:52.29]Before I met you, I had really little life. 认识你之前 我的人生微不足道 
[09:57.66]-And I couldn't imagine growing old.. -Oh,my God. -我无法想像一个人… -我的天哪 
[10:01.26]-I know. But let me say it. -Richard. -我知道,不过让我说完 -理查 
[10:04.23]What? I'm Chandler. 什么?我是钱德 
[10:08.70]Oh, that's Richard. 那是理查 
[10:11.67]Maybe he won't see us. Richard! 也许他会没看见 理查 
[10:18.85]Monica. Chandler. 摩妮卡,钱德 
[10:23.52]I don't know why I did that. 我不知道我为什么要抱你 
[10:26.69]-Good to see you. -You too. You let your hair grow. -见到你真好 -彼此彼此,你把头发留长了 
[10:30.22]That's right. You always wanted me to. 没错,你一直希望我留长 
[10:33.16]-I see your mustache is back. -Well,my nose got lonely. -你又开始留胡子了 -我的鼻子感到寂寞 
[10:37.50]You don't have a mustache, which is good. 你没留胡子,很好 
[10:42.47]Chandler. I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable. 我是钱德,我一蹩扭就开玩笑 
[10:46.17]-Hi,I'm Lisa. -Hi. 我是丽莎 
[10:48.18]I'm sorry. Lisa, Monica, Chandler. We used to date. 抱歉,丽莎 摩妮卡,钱德 我们交往过 
[10:53.11]Richard, no one's supposed to know about us. 理查,我们的事应该保密 
[10:58.79]See? I did it again. 我又来了 
[11:01.86]-Chandler,sit down. -I'll sit down. -钱德,我们坐下吧 -好,我坐 
[11:04.79]-Good to see you. -Your table's ready,sir. -很高兴见到你 -您的桌子准备好了 
[11:07.80]Good to see you guys. 很高兴遇见你们 
[11:09.50]If you prefer,this table's available. 这一桌也是空的 
[11:13.07]That might be fun. 一起坐应该不错 
[11:21.54]-What were you thinking? -I didn't know it was an auction. 你在想什么? 我不知道这是拍卖会 
[11:25.58]I figured I'd take a guess. Help a charity. Free boat! 我以为是猜一猜 帮助慈善团体,免费得帆船 
[11:30.69]Why would a charity give away a boat? 慈善团体为什么要送帆船? 
[11:33.55]I don't know. Charity? 我哪知,做慈善吗? 
[11:37.43]Well,just buy the damn boat. 你就买吧 
[11:40.83]Don't you think you've had enough to drink? 菲比,你喝得够多了吧? 
[11:43.86]I'm just helping the kids. 我只是在帮助儿童 
[11:47.30]How is you drinking helping the kids? 你喝酒怎么能帮助儿童? 
[11:50.07]Because the more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink. 我喝得越多 孩子们能喝的就越少 
[11:58.21]Mr. Tribbiani, your contribution brings us... 崔比亚尼先生 你的慷慨解囊 
[12:01.32]a step closer to building the youth center. 让兴建活动中心的事大有进展 
[12:04.65]-I'm so happy you brought him. -So am I. -我很高兴你带他来 -我也是 
[12:08.79]I'm curious. How much is that boat worth? 我很好奇,那艘船值多少? 
[12:12.03]-I think it was valued at 19,000. -Hey,I was pretty close. -差不多是1万9 -我猜得蛮准的 
[12:20.60]So,bad news. 坏消息 
[12:22.80]I can't buy the boat. I don't have any money. 我不能买那艘船,我没有钱 
[12:29.54]Joey! Joey, good one. He's silly. 乔伊,你真幽默 
[12:34.45]Good! Very good! 你真会演 
[12:40.62]-So I think I'm gonna take off now. -You can't leave,Joey! -好吧,我要闪了 -你不能走,乔伊 
[12:44.99]You agreed to buy that boat. It's a contract. 你答应要买船,具有约束力 
[12:48.26]Plus,if you leave, my boss will kill me. 而且你走了 我的主管会宰了我 
[12:51.37]I don't have that kind of money. 那怎么办?我没有那么多钱 
[12:54.27]I know. Okay,okay. This is what we'll do. 我知道,好 好 这样吧 
[12:57.71]We'll let the next highest bidder buy it. 我们去找出价第二高的人 然后让他们去买 
[13:01.68]Then you'll pay the difference. 你只要付差价 
[13:04.25]Okay. I don't know why the kids need a youth center anyway. 好 这些小孩要活动中心干嘛 
[13:08.55]They should just watch TV after school like I did. I turned out fine. 放了学跟我一样看电视就好了 我现在也蛮好的 
[13:14.22]Not great. 但是不优秀 
[13:18.86]I'm helping the kids so much I think I'm gonna throw up. 我帮助贫童帮到想吐 
[13:24.50]So we're hiding in the bathroom... 我们躲在洗手间里 
[13:26.83]I get out. But before she can, her parents come in. 然后我溜出来 但摩妮卡还没出来 她父母就进去了 
[13:30.50]I hide in the shower. They start going at it on the floor. 于是我躲到浴帘后面 接着他们就在地上做起来了 
[13:34.98]Oh, my God! 我的天哪 
[13:36.34]I got a good one. 我有一个,我有一个 
[13:37.81]I once walked in on both my parents making love to the same guy. 我有一次撞见我父母 跟同一个男人做爱 
[13:48.62]It's so great seeing you guys again. I'd like to make a toast. 遇见你们真的好开心 我想敬酒 
[13:53.59]As a poet once said, "In the sweetness of friendship... 正如一位诗人所说 “在友谊的甜蜜里” 
[13:57.33]Let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures. “尽情欢笑,分享欢乐吧” 
[14:00.84]In the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." “人心正是从中获得朝气 焕然一新” 
[14:08.68]What? 什么? 
[14:17.75]Oh,my God! You guys! 天哪,你们 
[14:19.45]Have we got a story for you. Guess who we bumped into? 在你开口之前,我们有事要说 猜我们吃饭时遇见谁? 
[14:23.69]-Who? -Richard! 谁? 理查 
[14:29.16]Right, that's Richard's favorite place too. 没错,那里也是理查的最爱 
[14:32.43]-Oh,you knew that? Good. -Weren't you going out with Elizabeth? 所以你知道?很好 你不是要跟伊丽莎白约会? 
[14:37.81]I was. She was a little busy with a water balloon fight. 没错,但是她忙着打水球仗 
[14:41.84]Sometimes grownups have commitments they can't get out of. 有时大人就是会有事无法脱身 
[14:46.55]Maybe she is too young for me. 也许她真的太年轻了 
[14:49.25]When I was over there, I felt like I was a babysitter. 当我看到她跟朋友横冲直撞 我觉得我好像保姆 
[14:53.49]I see what you were talking about. I don't know what to do. 我终于开始了解你们的话 我不知道该怎么办 
[14:57.76]Weigh the good stuff about her against the bad. 你可以比较这段感情的利弊 
[15:01.63]That's what I did when I first started... weighing stuff. 我当初就是这样…比较东西的 
[15:06.90]Okay, bad stuff. I'm 12 years older than she is. 好,弊 我比她大12岁 
[15:11.74]The school could fire you. 学校发现会开除你 
[15:13.97]-She's leaving for three months. -For camp. 她要离开3个月 去参加夏令营 
[15:18.45]Okay, good stuff. 好,利 
[15:20.51]Well,she's sweet and pretty and.. 她很甜很漂亮… 
[15:23.72]And the sex is probably great, huh? 性爱方面很赞吧? 
[15:27.79]It's tender and respectful, if that's what you mean. 如果你是指很温柔又互相尊重 
[15:33.56]The only thing you need to ask is, "Do you see a future?" 你只需要问你自己 你看得见未来吗? 
[15:37.97]Do you see yourself marrying her? 你能想像跟她结婚吗? 
[15:41.24]My God. You married her, didn't you? 天哪,你已经娶她了对不对? 
[15:46.24]No, I didn't do that. It's just... 没有啦,我只是… 
[15:50.68]Okay, honestly, no. I don't see a big future with her. 好吧,我觉得我们没什么未来 
[15:56.38]Okay, I think that's your answer. 那这就是你的答案了 
[15:59.19]I gotta talk to her. I hate this part. 我得告诉她 我最恨这个步骤了 
[16:02.02]Forget Elizabeth. If you're not careful... 你必须忘记伊丽莎白 你要是不小心 
[16:04.96]you may not get married at all this year. 今年可能会结不到婚 
[16:14.74]-Weren't you supposed to do something? -Good luck with Elizabeth,my man. -你今晚不是要做某件事? -祝分手顺利 
[16:33.55]My God, Phoebe, how many have you had? 天哪,菲比,你喝了几杯? 
[16:36.56]1,2,3... Seven times three.. 21! 一,二,三… 七乘以三,二十一杯 
[16:41.10]-You must be just wasted! -I'm a little tired. -你一定醉翻了 -是有点累 
[16:46.93]-Next highest bidder is at table one. -Great. 出价第二高的人在一号桌 太好了 
[16:50.94]The guy with the Paris trip is at table four. 标到巴黎之旅的人坐四号桌 
[16:54.27]-Why do you care about who won? -It's a trip for two. 你干嘛管谁赢得巴黎之旅? 那是双人之旅 
[16:58.91]Excuse me. 失陪 
[17:05.85]Is the person who won the Paris trip at this table? 抱歉,标到巴黎之旅的人 在这一桌吗? 
[17:09.79]-That was me. -Enchante. 我就是 真迷人 
[17:16.30]-Is there a Mr. Bowmont at this table? -That's me. 抱歉,有没有一位波芒先生? 我就是 
[17:21.20]Well,hello. This is your lucky day, Mr. Bowmont. 你好 你今天走运了,波芒先生 
[17:25.71]The Gentleman Daysailer has become available again... 那艘帆船又要卖了 
[17:29.71]and I believe you made a bid of $18,000. 你开了1万8的价格 
[17:32.98]You have to pay that. It's not just a guess. 你得付钱,不是猜好玩的 
[17:39.22]I was relieved I didn't win. My wife would've killed me. 我没标到船还松了一口气 我老婆会宰了我 
[17:43.79]You kidding? She'll love this boat! 不会吧?她会爱死这艘船 
[17:46.56]-What is your wife's name? -Pam. 尊夫人芳名? 她叫潘 
[17:51.13]Just imagine this: The Pam. 只要想像一下 “潘之号” 
[17:56.30]I don't think she'd like that. 我想她不会喜欢 
[17:58.91]Okay. Imagine this: The Mr. Bowmont. 那想像…“波芒先生号” 
[18:03.91]-I don't think so. -Let me paint you a little picture. 还是不要了 让我为你描绘一下 
[18:07.68]You are setting sail up the Hudson. You've got the wind in your... arms. 你在哈德逊河上航行 风吹过你的头…双手 
[18:14.92]You get all that peace and quiet you've always wanted. 你得到你企盼已久的安宁 
[18:18.93]You get back to nature. You can go fishing. 你回到大自然怀抱 你可以钓鱼 
[18:22.16]You get one of those hats. People call you captain. 你可以买一顶帽子 让大家叫你船长 
[18:26.20]And then when you're old, Cappy. 等你老了就是老船长 
[18:30.54]-It's for a good cause. All right. -No way! It's mine! -管他的,不买说不过去 我买了 -你别想,船是我的 
[18:34.98]What? 什么? 
[18:38.08]-The stuff you said,I want that! -But you don't have $20,000! -你刚才说的那些事我也要 -但是乔伊,你没有2万 
[18:42.95]Who cares? I'll make payments! I want the Mr. Bowmont! 管他的,我分期,怎样都好 我要“波芒先生号” 
[18:52.86]-Oh,my God. You're back. -Let me see it. Let me see your hand. -天哪,你们回来了 -让我看你的手,让我看你的手 
[18:57.56]Why do you wanna see my hand? 你为什么要看我的手? 
[18:59.67]I wanna see what's in your hand. I wanna see the trash. 我想看你手上拿的垃圾 
[19:05.47]It's all dirty. You should throw this out. 好脏,你最好拿去扔 
[19:14.25]-What did you just do? -What happened? 你们搞什么? 怎么回事? 
[19:16.98]-Richard was there. I couldn't do it. -Oh,no. 理查也在,我无法开口 不会吧 
[19:20.59]I was gonna surprise her tomorrow. 我要延到明天,给她惊喜 
[19:23.62]-Now you've ruined it. -We didn't. 却被你们破坏了 我们没有 
[19:26.09]Who walks in a room and asks to see a person's hands? 谁会一进门就要看别人的手? 
[19:30.16]A palm reader, a manicurist, a hand doctor... 算命师、修指甲的小姐 手部医生… 
[19:34.74]-Glove salesman. -Good one! 手套推销员 漂亮 
[19:39.71]This is terrible. What will I do? 真惨,我该怎么办? 
[19:42.24]She only suspects something. So just throw her off the track. 她只是在怀疑,又不是确定 你可以唬她 
[19:46.81]I'll pretend marriage is the last thing on my mind. 也对,我可以让她觉得 我完全不考虑结婚 
[19:50.48]Yeah! Convince her you're scared of commitment, that you're a coward. 没错,让她相信你很害怕承诺 让她相信你有点孬种 
[19:55.29]I can do that. I've had years of practice. 我做得到,我练了30年 
[19:58.39]Being you is finally gonna pay off! 你这个人总算有价值了 
[20:03.26]Some idiot keeps stuffing the trash chute with pizza boxes. 某个白痴小孩老是用披萨盒 把垃圾槽堵住 
[20:08.94]That guy is still doing that? 那个?砘锘故敲桓模 
[20:13.27]Oh,my God. Let me see your hand! 天哪,你们回来了 我看看你的手 
[20:16.08]You're too late! She already took out the trash! 来不及了 她已经把垃圾拿去扔了 
[20:38.37]Look,Elizabeth, we have to talk. 伊丽莎白,我们得谈一谈 
[20:48.81]I have never had such a healthy breakup. 我跟别人分手没这么平和过 
[20:53.28]She was such a grownup about it. 她表现得好成熟 
[20:56.88]She didn't seem too immature for me. 我觉得她一点也不幼稚 
[21:00.79]Did I just make a huge mistake? 我是不是犯了个大错? 
[21:04.32]Ross! Wait! 罗斯,等等 
[21:06.13]Elizabeth, thank God. I was just thinking about.. 伊丽莎白,太好了 我正在想说… 
[21:09.70]You suck! 你最烂了 
[21:12.00]What? 什么? 
[21:20.91]Breakup's still on. 好,分手还是有效 
[21:33.69]Here she comes. Do I look like I don't wanna get married? 她来了 我像不像不想结婚的人? 
[21:39.39]And, also, a little like a French guy. 像,还有点像法国人 
[21:45.43]I never noticed that before. 我第一次发现 
[21:50.94]-What are you up to? -Hanging out. Talking about websites. 你们在干什么? 只是在杀时间,聊网站 
[21:57.48]We saw this interesting website about marriage... 有一个网站在讨论婚姻... 
[22:00.81]and how unnecessary it is, a way for the government to keep tabs. 及婚姻的一无是处 说那只是政府监视你的方式 
[22:06.15]Yeah, Big Brother. 是啊,专制 
[22:09.16]That's a bit crazy. 有点夸张 
[22:10.69]Although I am glad you're looking at other things on the lnternet. 不过你们总算上了 其他类别的网站 
[22:15.93]Got me thinking. Why would anybody want to get married? 不过我就想 为什么会有人想要结婚? 
[22:20.70]To celebrate the relationship, solidify the commitment... 为什么?因为要赞颂这段感情 要巩固你们的承诺 
[22:24.60]declare your love for one another to the world. 要向全世界宣布你们的爱 
[22:31.14]Well,that's good to know. 能知道你的反应真好 
[22:35.72]The Mr. Bowmont is here! “波芒先生号”来了 
[22:43.92]A diner wants to compliment you. Shall I let him in? 有一位客人想向主厨致意 要让他进来吗? 
[22:47.63]Sure. I love this part. 当然,我最爱这种事了 
[22:50.60]-Come on in. -Hi. 进来吧 
[22:53.93]-Richard. -I'm not here to compliment the chef. 理查 其实我不是来向主厨致意的 
[22:57.90]I hate when people come back to compliment the chef. 没关系 我最讨厌客人跑来致意 
[23:01.71]Like I have nothing better to do. 好像我很闲似的 
[23:05.35]So,what's up? 你有什么事? 
[23:06.61]It was great seeing you the other night. 那天晚上遇见你很开心 
[23:09.68]Good to see you too. 我也很开心 
[23:13.15]-You came to tell me that? -I came to tell you something else. 你就是来说这个的? 不是,我是来说别的 
[23:20.09]I came here to tell you I still love you. 我是来说我仍然爱你 
[23:26.43]What? What did you..? What? 什么?你刚才…什么? 
[23:30.74]I still love you. 我仍然爱你 
[23:32.64]I know I shouldn't even be here telling you this. 我知道我甚至不该告诉你 
[23:36.31]You're with Chandler, who I like. 你跟钱德在一起,我很喜欢他 
[23:38.91]If you say he's straight, I'll believe you. 你说他是异性恋,我就相信你 
[23:42.65]After seeing you, I knew if I didn't tell you I'd regret it. 但见到你之后 我知道我不说会后悔一辈子 
[23:47.09]Letting you go was the stupidest thing I ever did. 放弃你是我所做过最蠢的事 
[23:51.22]You're really not supposed to be back here. 你不该到厨房来的 
[23:54.53]I'm sorry. I know this is the wrong time and the wrong place... 对不起, 我知道时机地点都不对... 
[23:59.37]but I had to tell you. 但是我一定要说 
[24:01.74]I wanna spend my life with you. I wanna marry you. 我想跟你共度一生,我想娶你 
[24:06.31]I wanna have kids with you. 我想跟你生儿育女 
[24:10.98]Oh,my God. Why don't they put chairs back here? 这里为什么没摆椅子? 
[24:15.58]Look,I know this is crazy, but am I too late? 我知道我很扯 已经来不及了吗? 
[24:19.45]You're too late. Where was all this three years ago? 没错 你3年前怎么不说这些话? 
[24:23.22]I know. I was an idiot. 我知道,我是个白痴 
[24:25.86]I tried to forget you. I really did. 我也想忘记你,真的 
[24:28.53]After our last lunch, I spent six months in Africa trying to forget. 我们去年吃完饭 我跑去非洲6个月想忘记你 
[24:33.63]-What did you do there? -Work with blind kids. 你去非洲做什么? 帮助盲童 
[24:37.10]What are you doing to me? 你折磨我嘛 
[24:41.98]I'm sorry, but this is not gonna happen. 很抱歉,我们之间是不可能的 
[24:45.31]That's fine. I'll walk away. I'll never bother you again. 好,我会离开 再也不会来烦你 
[24:49.42]Only if you say Chandler's willing to give you everything I am. 但前提是 钱德也愿意给你这一切 
[24:54.02]Well,he is. I mean... 他愿意 
[24:56.66]marriage is all he talks about. My goodness! 没错,他成天把婚姻挂在嘴边 
[25:00.36]In fact, I'm the one making him wait. 事实上是我在让他等 
[25:03.46]You are? Why? 是吗? 对 
[25:05.40]Why? 为什么? 
[25:07.77]Because of the government. 因为政府的阴谋 
[25:13.64]Isn't it incredible? 很棒吧? 
[25:16.38]Monica and Chandler are getting married. 摩妮卡和钱德要结婚了 
[25:19.61]I know. They'll be so happy together. 就是啊,他们会很幸福 
[25:22.88]How often do two best friends fall in love? 两个最要好的朋友坠入爱河 这种机率有多大? 
[25:25.99]-Not that often. -No. 并不太大 没错 
[25:28.92]-I'm so happy for them. -Me too. So happy for them. 我好替他们开心 我也是,好开心 
[25:33.79]I'm so happy and not at all jealous. 我很高兴,毫无嫉妒之心 
[25:36.83]Oh,no! God, definitely not jealous. 没错,当然没有 
[25:45.31]I'm probably 98% happy and maybe 2% jealous. 我可能是98%开心 2%嫉妒 
[25:49.71]-I mean,what's 2%? That's nothing. -Totally. 2%等于没有 没错 
[25:55.68]-I'm like 90/10. -Yeah. Me too. 我是九比一 我也是 
[26:05.49]Have you guys seen Chandler? 你们有见到钱德吗? 
[26:10.46]No. But you know who was looking for you? 没有,但你知道谁来找过你? 
[26:13.57]Tennille. 坦妮尔 (“船长与坦妮尔”为乐团) 
[26:23.84]The marriage stuff you were saying yesterday? You don't believe that. 你昨天说的那些话 应该不是真心话吧? 
[26:28.52]Sure,I do. In fact,I think the concept of marriage is unnatural. 当然是 事实上我觉得婚姻本身 就很不近人情 
[26:34.05]Look at pigs. Let's take a second here and look at pigs. 你看猪嘛,我们来看一下猪 
[26:38.33]Pigs don't mate for life. 猪不会有固定配偶 
[26:40.33]A pig can have 100 sexual partners in a lifetime. 猪的一生可以有一百个性伴侣 
[26:44.16]That's an ordinary pig, not even a pig that's good at sports. 那还只是普通的猪 而不是擅长运动的猪 
[26:51.04]Yeah, but that's pigs, not people. 对,但那是猪不是人 
[26:53.87]If marriage worked,I'd be for it. Do you know the divorce rate? 如果结婚行得通,我绝对支持 但是你知道美国的离婚率吗? 
[26:58.65]Ninety-seven percent! 97% 
[27:01.65]Wait a minute. 等一下 
[27:03.92]Are you telling me you may never want to get married? 你是说你可能永远都不想结婚 
[27:07.89]-Who's to say? -You! You are to say! 谁晓得? 你啊,你晓得 
[27:11.59]Never say never, but, probably... 话不能说死,不过应该是… 
[27:14.43]yeah, never. 永远不会 
[27:16.86]Oh,my God. Then what are we even doing? What is this? 天哪,那我们在干什么? 现在算什么? 
[27:21.27]Whoa,whoa,whoa! What is all this pressure? 干嘛对我施压? 
[27:25.17]Is this some new strategy? 这是某种新策略吗? 
[27:27.27]Why don't you put down your copy of The Rules, huh, mantrap? 你别再搞尔虞我诈那一套了 
[27:32.48]You know what? I gotta go. 你知道吗?我要走了 
[27:36.78]It's okay. I got a plan. 放心,我自有打算 
[27:44.96]-We're gonna find love. -Definitely. 我们会找到真爱的 一定会的 
[27:49.10]Yeah,I'm pretty confident about that. 我对这点有信心 
[27:52.20]That's what makes it so easy to be 80% happy for Monica and Chandler. 所以我可以有八成 替摩妮卡和钱德高兴 
[27:57.70]-A guarantee would be nice. -What do you mean? 不过要是有保障就好了 什么意思? 
[28:00.91]Some friends make a deal. 有些人不是会跟朋友约定 
[28:03.61]Like if neither of them are married by 40, they marry each other. 要是两个人到了40都没结婚 他们就要结婚 
[28:08.35]-A backup? -Exactly. 你是指备胎? 没错 
[28:10.25]Yeah, I've got that. 我已经找好了 
[28:13.49]You do? 你找好了? 
[28:15.16]-Who? -Joey. 是谁? 乔伊 
[28:16.62]-Joey? Are you serious? -I locked him in years ago. 乔伊?真的还假的? 我好几年前就锁定他了 
[28:24.70]Wait. So if neither of you are married by 40, you'll marry Joey? 所以要是你们40岁还没结婚 你就要嫁给乔伊 
[28:29.94]Yep. We shook on it. 对,我们握手为定 
[28:32.24]But believe me, that is not how he wanted to seal the deal. 不过他可不想就此打住 
[28:37.44]Oh, seriously? 是吗? 
[28:39.25]I think his exact words were.. 对,他说的是… 
[28:44.25]Charming. 真迷人 
[28:46.12]He's just a backup. 只是个备胎 
[28:56.33]-Hey,Monica. -Have you seen Rachel? Or a mirror? -摩妮卡 -你有见到瑞秋吗?或是镜子? 
[29:01.50]-It's for my boat. Pretty cool,huh? -Yeah,it's great. -这是我的船长装,酷吧? -很酷 
[29:05.54]What's wrong? Talk to the captain. 怎么了?告诉船长 
[29:10.04]Just realizing I'm in a dead-end relationship. 我又发现这段感情是死路一条 
[29:13.68]-Chandler being difficult? -I don't want marriage tomorrow. 钱德欺负你是吧? 我又不是明天就要结婚 
[29:17.78]But I wanna know we're going somewhere, that I'm not wasting time. 我只是想知道 我不是在原地打转,浪费时间 
[29:22.42]-You know Chandler. -No,I don't know Chandler. 你也了解钱德 我已经不了解钱德了 
[29:25.69]Not anymore. It's like something's changed. 仿佛有什么事变了 
[29:30.30]-Maybe you changed. -I didn't change. 也许是你变了? 我才没变 
[29:34.10]Maybe that's the problem. 也许问题就在这里 
[29:37.54]-What? -Chandler is a complex fellow. 什么? 钱德很复杂 
[29:40.61]One who is unlikely to take a wife. 不太可能成亲 
[29:45.45]Is that some kind of boat talk? 这是跑船人的用语吗? 
[29:48.31]I haven't totally decided how to talk on my boat yet. 我还没想好在船上的说话风格 
[29:54.29]Does he think I'll wait around for nothing? 他以为我会空等下去吗? 
[29:57.66]Face it. Chandler is against marriage. 面对现实吧,钱德反对婚姻 
[30:01.03]And always will be. 他是不会变了 
[30:04.13]There's some people who do wanna marry me. 有些人可是真心想娶我 
[30:07.23]-There are? -Yeah. Richard. 有吗? 有,理查 
[30:10.04]Richard said he wants to marry you? 理查说他想娶你? 
[30:13.61]-And Chandler says he hates marriage? -That's right. 钱德说他痛恨婚姻? 没错 
[30:17.61]Chandler loves marriage! 钱德热爱婚姻 
[30:21.65]You just said he hates marriage! 你刚才说他痛恨婚姻 
[30:24.08]"He's a complex fellow who's unlikely to take a wife"! 说他很复杂,不太可能娶妻 
[30:27.85]"He's against marriage and always will be"! 说他会永远反对婚姻 
[30:31.19]You got that from what I said? 你的解读是这样? 
[30:39.43]After the Cretaceous Period, the dinosaurs were gone. 白垩纪结束,恐龙也从此绝迹 
[30:43.17]What happened,you guys? 你们究竟怎么了? 
[30:53.08]-Rach. -Hey,you. 瑞秋 帅哥 
[30:57.15]-Come on in. -Thank you. 请进 谢谢 
[30:59.25]I'm so sorry to hear about you and Elizabeth. 很遗撼你跟伊丽莎白分手了 
[31:02.52]Thanks. I really thought we'd be able to make it work. 谢谢,我以为我们能克服万难 
[31:06.83]I guess it wasn't meant to be. 这大概是命中注定的 
[31:09.20]Yeah. Love. It's a tricky business,isn't it? 是啊,爱情…爱情真是微妙 
[31:15.00]-I guess so. -So,what do you say we make a pact? 是啊 我们要不要来做个约定 
[31:18.87]If you and I are both single by 40, we get married. 要是我们到了40都还没结婚 我们就结婚 
[31:22.54]I mean,we know each other, we like each other... 我们互相认识,互相喜欢 
[31:25.95]we've already slept together, so there'll be no surprises. 我们已经上过床,不会有意外 
[31:30.18]No, like, "What's that?" 不会觉得“搞什么?” 
[31:35.36]-Oh,you want me to be your backup. -Exactly. 你想找我当备胎? 没错 
[31:39.69]Yeah. I already have one. 我已经有备胎了 
[31:43.16]-What? Who? -Phoebe. 是谁? 菲比 
[31:44.86]Phoebe? 菲比? 
[31:46.90]But she just said Joey is her backup. 但是她说乔伊是她的备胎 
[31:49.97]Oh,I don't think so. 才不是呢 
[31:52.84]We just spoke. She said that she and Joey made a deal. 罗斯,我刚跟她聊过 她说她和乔伊约好了 
[31:57.04]That's impossible. We have had a deal for years. We shook on it. 不可能的,我们早就约好了 还握手为定 
[32:01.68]Although, believe me, she wanted to do a lot more than that. 只不过她觉得握手还不够… 
[32:07.95]Gunther, it's Joey. Is Chandler there? 阿甘,我是乔伊,钱德在吗? 
[32:11.59]Listen. What kind of muffins do they serve at sea? 我问你,跑船都吃哪一种松糕 
[32:18.03]Where the hell have you been?! 你上哪去了? 
[32:20.53]I was making a coconut phone with the Professor. 我在跟教授做椰子电话 
[32:25.31]Richard told Monica he wants to marry her. 理查跟摩妮卡说他想娶她 
[32:28.68]-What? -I've been trying to find you. 什么? 就是啊,我一直想去找你 叫你别玩了 
[32:32.51]And I would have if these damn boat shoes wouldn't keep flying off! 可是这双鞋子跑一跑就掉 
[32:37.28]-Oh,my God! -I know! They suck! 我的天哪 就是啊,烂死了 
[32:39.99]He's not supposed to ask her to marry him! I am! 他不该向我的女朋友求婚 该求婚的人是我 
[32:43.46]-I know! -What..? 我知道 那… 
[32:44.96]You know what I'll do? I'll go over there and kick his ass! 你知道吗?我要去找他教训他 
[32:49.26]Will you help me? 你愿意帮忙吗? 
[32:52.37]Look, I don't think us getting our asses kicked is a solution, okay? 钱德,被他海扁一顿不是办法 
[32:57.74]-Look,just go and find Monica. -You're right. 赶快去找摩妮卡吧 你说得对 
[33:01.37]Okay. I'm gonna get the ring... 好 我去拿戒指... 
[33:03.94]I'm gonna go find her and I'm gonna propose! 我要找到她,直接向她求婚 
[33:08.51]Dude! Dude! Dude! 老兄 怎样? 
[33:10.22]That coconut phone might be good for the boat. 你的椰子电话 也许很适合摆在船上 
[33:35.94]I don't know why I'm here. 我不知道我来干什么 
[33:38.44]I didn't ask. 我又没问 
[33:42.45]-You wanna come in? -I don't know. 你要进来吗? 我不知道 
[33:46.49]Oh,okay. 好吧 
[33:48.86]I'll just leave the door open and sit on the couch. 那我把门开着,回去坐下 
[33:54.49]-Chandler is such an idiot! -Drink? 钱德真是个白痴 喝酒? 
[33:59.13]-Scotch on the.. -Rocks with a twist? 好,我要威士忌加… 冰块和莱姆片? 
[34:02.37]I remember. 我记得 
[34:06.74]You still smoking cigars? 还在抽雪茄? 
[34:09.74]No, no. That's art. 没有,那是艺术 
[34:13.91]If it bothers you, I can put my art out. 如果你不喜欢 我可以把艺术熄掉 
[34:17.68]No,that's okay. 没关系 
[34:22.02]So, Monica, let me ask you a question. 摩妮卡,我问你一件事 
[34:25.86]Since we broke up, do you ever... 我们分手后,你有... 
[34:29.00]think about me? 想过我吗? 
[34:31.40]Actually,I thought about you a few months ago. 我2个月前还想到你 
[34:34.63]-Really? -But it's because... 是吗? 不过是因为... 
[34:36.80]I had an eye exam, and I don't like my new eye doctor. 我去做眼睛检查 又不喜欢我的新医生 
[34:41.67]-Who is it? -Edward Nevsky. 是谁? 爱德华奈夫斯基 
[34:43.64]He's no good. 他的确很差 
[34:47.01]Do you ever think about me... 你有想过... 
[34:51.02]-in a non-eye-doctor way? -No. 非眼科医生的我吗? 没有 
[34:58.42]Because getting over you was the hardest thing I've ever done. 但忘记你是我这辈子最难的事 
[35:03.13]I never let myself think about you. 我不让自己想到你 
[35:13.07]Phoebe, you picked Joey and Ross? 菲比 你找了乔伊和罗斯? 
[35:16.21]-You can't have two backups! -Of course I can. 你不能有两个备胎 当然可以 
[35:20.25]It's good sense to back up your backup. 眼光独到才会替备胎找备胎 
[35:23.32]-Look, I've already lost Chandler. -What? 我已经折损钱德了 什么? 
[35:26.85]Hey, Phoebe! We're both your backup? 菲比,我们都是你的备胎? 
[35:29.82]How could you do this to me? 菲比,你怎么可以这样? 
[35:33.03]Why are you complaining? You were both aware of the situation. 我不知道你们在抱怨什么 你们都知道这个状况 
[35:37.60]-I was not! -No,we weren't! 我们不知道 我不知道 
[35:39.73]This kind of backtalk won't fly when we're married. 婚后你们可不能这样顶嘴 
[35:44.20]You can't have both. Pick one. 菲比,你不能独占他们 你得选一个 
[35:46.77]-Pick me! -No,pick me! 选我 不,选我 
[35:48.51]-I don't wanna end up an old maid. -All right. Well,let's see. -我不想当老处女 -好吧,我看看 
[35:53.68]Ross is a good father. 罗斯是个好爸爸 
[35:56.45]But... 但是... 
[35:57.75]Joey has a boat. This is hard. 乔伊有船,好难选喔 
[36:00.29]This is crazy. I wanna switch to Rachel. 太扯了,我要换成瑞秋 
[36:03.29]-I wanna switch to Rachel too. -No,wait. Just wait. 我也要换成瑞秋 不,等一下 
[36:07.06]Wait,guys. Don't make any rash decisions. 你们别急着做决定 
[36:10.43]Just remember my promise: 记得我的承诺吧? 
[36:12.63]If we get married,three times a week. 结婚之后 1星期三次 
[36:15.87]Oh,my God. Phoebe... 天哪,菲比 
[36:17.64]I'm talking about massages. 我是说按摩 
[36:20.31]No,I'm not. 
[36:25.55]I know how to settle it. We'll do this. 我知道该怎么解决了 办法就是 
[36:28.71]I'm gonna write "Joey" on one napkin... 我在一张纸巾上写乔伊 
[36:32.42]and "Ross" on the other napkin and we're gonna pick one. 一张纸巾上写罗斯 然后我们一人抽一张 
[36:37.42]That person will be our backup. Okay? 那个人就是我们的备胎 好吗? 
[36:40.43]-Sounds fair. -All right. 很公平 那好 
[36:42.23]Good. Switching them up. 好,我来弄乱 
[36:48.00]-Pick one. -Left. 选一边 左边 
[36:50.70]-Thank you. -You're welcome. 谢谢 不客气 
[36:55.04]-Ross. -Joey. 罗斯 乔伊 
[36:59.55]-We should switch. -Absolutely. 我们交换好了 没错 
[37:05.75]I missed you, you ugly flat-faced old freak. 我想念你 丑不啦叽的扁脸老怪物 
[37:12.33]Excuse me? 你说什么? 
[37:15.33]Him. 他啦 
[37:20.13]I missed this apartment. Now, this is a grownup's apartment. 我想念这间房子 这才是大人的房子 
[37:24.77]I should be with a grownup, you know? 我应该跟大人在一起,你懂吧 
[37:27.61]You're saying you need to be with someone more mature. 你是说 你要跟比较成熟的人在一起 
[37:32.45]Maybe someone with... 也许是一个… 
[37:34.98]a license to practice medicine. 有医师执照的人 
[37:37.95]Or a mustache. 或是有胡子的人 
[37:41.02]Let's face it. I'm not a kid anymore. 说真的,我不是小孩子了 
[37:43.89]I need someone who wants the same things. 我需要一个目标相同的人 
[37:47.03]Coming to my work and telling me you love me, I want that! 来我工作的地方跟我示爱 我要的是那样 
[37:52.03]Talking about pig sex over lunch, I don't want that! 吃饭时聊猪的性爱 我不要那样 
[37:57.07]I think that's fair. 很公平 
[37:58.90]Fair? Please, don't even talk to me about fair. 公平?别跟我提公平 
[38:02.04]Fair would've been you wanting to marry me then. 公平的意思是你当年想娶我 
[38:05.61]Or Chandler wanting to marry me now. 或是钱德现在想娶我 
[38:08.28]Believe me,nothing about this is fair. Nothing. 这整件事一点也不公平 
[38:11.62]-Nothing! Nothing! -It's okay. 不公平不公平不公平… 别激动 
[38:18.82]Nothing. 不公平 
[38:25.16]I don't know. 我不知道 
[38:26.57]I don't know. 我不知道 
[38:29.97]I know. 我知道 
[38:34.84]I have to figure some.. 我得先... 
[38:37.41]Some stuff,before I can... 把事情想清楚 然后才能… 
[38:40.35]I understand. 我懂 
[38:43.02]Take as much time as you want. 你只管慢慢想 
[38:46.09]Ten, even 20 minutes, if you need it. 10分钟、20分钟都行 
[38:49.82]I'll be here. Not smoking. 我会在这里,不会抽烟 
[39:09.38]Where is she? 她人呢? 
[39:11.11]I'm not scared of you. 我可不怕你 
[39:14.85]She's not here. And please come in. 她不在,请进 
[39:18.85]Scotch on the rocks... 威士忌加冰和莱姆片 
[39:20.49]with a twist, on a coaster. 放在杯垫上? 
[39:23.16]Monica? 摩妮卡,摩妮卡 
[39:26.49]Okay, she was here. But she left. 好吧,她来过,又走了 
[39:29.10]Where did she go? 她去哪里? 
[39:30.70]She said she had to think things over. 她说她要想清楚 
[39:33.53]Oh,my God. I can't believe this. I thought you were a good guy. 天哪,我真不敢相信 我以为你是个好人 
[39:38.14]Look,nothing happened. 我们又没怎样? 
[39:40.11]Nothing? So you didn't tell my girlfriend you love her? 没怎样?那你没和我女朋友示爱? 
[39:44.44]Well, all right, one thing happened. 好吧,只有这样 
[39:47.45]You know what you did? My girlfriend is thinking things over. 我真不敢相信 你知道你做了什么? 我的女朋友在想事情 
[39:51.95]You made my girlfriend think! 你让我的女朋友思考 
[39:55.62]Well,I'm sorry. 我很抱歉 
[39:58.56]-What's to think about? I love her. -Well... 她还需要想什么?我爱她 
[40:01.59]I'm willing to offer her things that you aren't. 我愿意给她你不愿意给的东西 
[40:05.10]I'm willing to offer her those things. I had a plan... 但是我愿意给 我只是故意... 
[40:08.80]to throw her off so when I offered all these things,she'd be surprised. 要让她失望 等真相大白,她就会很惊喜 
[40:14.44]If it helps, it worked very well. 那效果真的很好 
[40:18.34]It was working till you showed up, you big tree. 直到你杀出来,水泥墙 
[40:24.22]This isn't fair. 这样不公平 
[40:26.35]You had your chance with her, and you blew it! 你曾经有机会,结果你搞砸了 
[40:29.89]This is my chance. I won't blow it, because we are meant for each other. 现在轮到我了,我不会搞砸 因为我们是天生一对 
[40:35.03]And this has all just been one stupid mistake! 而这一切只是个愚蠢的错误 
[40:38.90]I was gonna propose tonight. 我本来打算今晚求婚的 
[40:44.14]-You were gonna propose? -Yeah,I even... 你要求婚? 对,我还… 
[40:48.84]got a ring. Did you get a ring? 准备了戒指,你有吗? 
[40:52.31]No, I don't have a ring. 没有,我没准备 
[40:59.69]You go get her, Chandler. 你去找她吧,钱德 
[41:04.32]And can I give you a piece of advice? 我可以给你一个忠告吗? 
[41:07.09]If you do get her... 要是你得到了她 
[41:10.03]don't let her go. 一定要好好把握 
[41:11.86]Trust me. 相信我 
[41:16.27]You know, Richard, you are a good guy. 理查…你的确是个好人 
[41:22.11]I know. 我知道 
[41:24.54]I hate that. 真讨厌 
[41:40.56]-I've gotta find Monica. -She's gone. 待会再说,我得去找摩妮卡 她走了 
[41:43.53]-What? -She had a bag and she left. -什么? -她走了,提着一个包包走了 
[41:47.17]-What? -She was all crying... -什么? -她哭得很伤心 
[41:49.34]She said you guys want different things. 说你们要的东西不一样 
[41:52.87]-Why didn't you stop her? Why didn't you tell her it was a plan? -I told her everything. -说她需要时间思考 你为什么不拦住她? 不说出我的打算? -我都说了 
[41:57.31]-But she wouldn't believe me. -Well,where..? Where did she go? -但是她不信 -那她…她上哪去了? 
[42:01.78]To her parents'. She said you shouldn't call. But if I were you,I would. 她父母家,她叫你不要打给她 不过要是我就会打 
[42:07.69]-I can't believe I ruined this. -I am so sorry,man. 我居然搞砸了 我很遗撼 
[42:23.10]You wanted it to be a surprise. 你希望是个惊喜的 
[42:35.55]Oh,my God. 天哪 
[42:43.59]Chandler... 钱德… 
[42:46.43]in all my life... 我这辈子… 
[42:49.13]I never thought I would be so lucky... 从来没想过我会这么幸运 
[42:55.37]as to fall in love with my best... 可以…爱上我最要好的… 
[43:00.37]My best... 我最要好的… 
[43:03.04]There's a reason why girls don't do this! Okay, okay, okay. 所以说都是男人求婚嘛 好好好 
[43:06.91]I'll do it. I thought... 我来,我以为… 
[43:13.92]Wait, I can do this. 等等,我一定行 
[43:19.49]I thought that it mattered... 我以为... 
[43:22.73]what I said or where I said it. 开口的时间地点很重要 
[43:27.03]Then I realized... 后来才发现... 
[43:29.40]the only thing that matters is that you... 唯一重要的是你… 
[43:36.21]You make me happier than I ever thought I could be. 让我得到超乎想像的幸福 
[43:43.72]And if you let me... 所以如果你愿意 
[43:46.22]I'll spend all my life trying to make you feel the same way. 我愿意用下半生 让你跟我一样幸福 
[43:59.50]Monica... 摩妮卡… 
[44:02.94]will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给我吗? 
[44:06.64]Yes. 我愿意 
[44:22.12]I knew you were likely to take a wife! 我就知道你应该会成亲 
[44:27.36]Can we come in yet? We're dying out here! 可以进去了吗?我们快憋死了 
[44:31.13]Come in! Come in! 进来,进来 
[44:34.77]We're engaged! 我们订婚了 
[44:43.28]This is the least jealous I've ever been. 这是我最不嫉妒的时候 
[44:46.85]Oh, no, wait! This is wrong! Ross isn't here! 等等,不行啦,罗斯不在 
[44:52.08]Hell, he's done it three times. He knows what it's about! 他都玩三次了 知道是怎么回事 

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