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美剧原文 老友记第六季12

[00:04.57]Hey! You're not gonna believe this. 快看,你们一定不信 
[00:06.84]Yes,Ross,we know they have magazines with pictures of naked women in them. 是的,我们知道那里面 有裸女的照片 
[00:11.41]Don't tell him about the videos! 告诉他还有出录影带 
[00:14.91]I made up a joke and sent it in to Playboy. 我编了一则笑话寄到花花公子 
[00:17.91]They printed it. 结果登出来了 
[00:21.82]I didn't know they print jokes. 我不知道花花公子也登笑话 
[00:24.05]They print jokes,interviews, hard-hitting journalism. 他们有笑话、专访 扎实新闻报导 
[00:27.02]It's not just about the pictures. 并非只有图片 
[00:29.06]Didn't work on Mom, it's not gonna work on us. 妈不吃这套,我们也不吃 
[00:32.59]Check it out. It's the first one. 你们看,还是第一则 
[00:36.30]Right there. 右边这儿 
[00:40.24]That is funny. 真好笑 
[00:41.74]It was also funny when I made it up. 我编出来时也很好笑 
[00:46.01]-What? -I made that joke up. 什么? 这则笑话是我编的 
[00:48.18]No,you didn't. I did. 不是你,是我 
[00:50.28]Yes,I did. I told Dan and he said it was the funniest joke he'd ever heard. 是我,我说给公司的丹听 他说这是他听过最好笑的笑话 
[00:55.02]Hey,tell Dan thanks. 帮我谢谢丹 
[01:01.52]What? 怎样? 
[01:02.79]I was just reading the joke below it. Man,that one is funny. 抱歉,我在看下面那则笑话 那则很好笑 
[01:08.96]Monica, you remember me telling you that joke, right? 摩妮卡,你记得 我跟你说过那则笑话吧? 
[01:12.63]-No. -Seriously? 不记得 真的不记得? 
[01:14.70]You tell a lot of jokes. 你的笑话一大堆 
[01:18.37]Look,it's my joke. 钱德,那是我的笑话 
[01:19.81]But if it makes you feel better, they don't print the name. 不过他们没有印投稿人 
[01:23.48]So it doesn't really matter who gets credit. 所以是谁的并不重要,对吧? 
[01:26.11]Yeah,I guess. 大概吧 
[01:27.65]-Hey,guys. -Playboy printed my joke! 你们好 乔伊,花花公子登了我的笑话 
[01:30.22]No,it's mine! Call them! They'll tell you! 不,那是我的笑话 你打去问就知道 
[01:33.32]-My joke! -My joke! 那是我的笑话 是我的 
[01:36.29]Jokes? What...? 笑话? 
[01:38.29]You know there's naked chicks in there,right? 你们知道这上面有裸女吧? 
[01:43.20]The One With The Joke 本集播出:“谁是笑话冠军” 
[02:21.27]Dude! You have got to turn on Behind The Music. 快,赶快转到“音乐内幕” 
[02:24.27]The band Heart is having a tough time and they may break up. 红心合唱团状况百出 可能会解散 
[02:28.11]Let's watch that at your place. 我们去你家看 
[02:30.28]Monica's watching a show. I don't want to miss when they were skinny. 不行,摩妮卡在看烹饪节目 快点,我想看她们瘦的时候 
[02:34.38]Hey,Chandler? You know what we should do? 钱德,你知道吗? 
[02:37.22]You and I should go out and get some new sunglasses. 我们应该去买新墨镜 
[02:41.16]What? No,I want to watch this. 什么?不要,我想看电视 
[02:46.29]-Did your cable go out? -No. No,that's VH1. 你的第四台断线了吗? 不是,那是VH-1 
[02:50.33]I tell you,the music these kids listen to today... 现在的小朋友听的音乐... 
[02:53.30]it's a lot of noise to me. 简直是噪音 
[02:57.47]Why is your cable out? 乔伊,第四台为什么没了? 
[02:59.41]Oh,because I haven't really paid the bill. 因为我没缴钱 
[03:03.08]If you need money, would you please let me loan you some? 你若缺钱,拜托让我借你好吗 
[03:06.58]No,Chandler. Forget about it,okay? 不要,你别再说了 
[03:09.18]I know things have been tight since Janine moved out. God,was she hot. 我知道吉宁走后,我有点吃紧 天哪,她可真辣 
[03:13.96]I know,yeah. 就是啊 
[03:15.46]Look,I can handle it, all right? I can listen to the radio. 但是我可以应付,好吗? 我可以听广播 
[03:19.63]And Ross gave me this great book. 罗斯也给了我一本很棒的书 
[03:23.46]Want to see if the joke stealer will let us watch at his place? 要不要问那个笑话小偷 我们能不能去他家看? 
[03:27.34]Sure. 好啊 
[03:30.71]-Paid your phone bill? -No. 电话费有缴吗? 没怎么在缴 
[03:42.35]It's only you. 原来是你 
[03:44.79]-What are you doing? -Looking at a Playboy. 你们在看什么? 我们在看花花公子 
[03:47.69]I want to look too! 我也想看 
[03:52.06]Yikes! 好恶 
[03:55.00]Do you think these pictures are trying to tell a story? 这些照片是有故事性吗? 
[03:58.97]Sure. Like in the case of this young woman... 当然有,像这位年轻小姐 
[04:01.90]she has lost her clothes. 她的衣服不见了 
[04:04.37]So she rides naked on the horse, she's crying out, "Where are they?" 所以她光溜溜的骑着马大喊 “我的衣服呢?” 
[04:10.65]She's not gonna find them, lying in the grass like that. 光躺在草地上是找不到的 
[04:18.69]Remember the days when you'd go out to the barn... 记不记得以前去谷仓 
[04:21.49]Lift up your shirt and bend over? 掀起衣服翘起屁股的日子? 
[04:27.76]You see,now,I would date this girl. 不过我会约这个女生 
[04:31.10]She's cute, she's outdoorsy. 她很可爱,很阳光 
[04:34.04]And she knows how to build a fire. That'll come in handy. 而且她会生火,可以派上用场 
[04:37.87]I got a question. 我有一个问题 
[04:39.27]If you had to pick one of us to date, who would it be? 如果要在我们当中挑女朋友 你们会挑谁? 
[04:43.71]-I don't know. -Me neither. 不知道 我也不知道 
[04:45.58]Rachel. 瑞秋 
[04:48.08]What? 什么? 
[04:50.72]I don't know. 不知道 
[04:53.39]Me neither. 我也不知道 
[04:58.53]You know, you forget how many great songs Heart had. 我都忘了红心合唱团 有那么多经典 
[05:04.37]"Barracuda" was the first song I learned to play on the keyboard. “Barracuda” 是我练键盘学的第一首歌 
[05:09.30]So you heard it, you repeated it... 你听过,弹过 
[05:12.24]so that must mean you wrote it. 所以那首歌是你写的罗? 
[05:16.98]You guys with this joke. Well,I gotta say... 你们怎么还争啊?老实说 
[05:20.05]I know I cracked up, but I'm not even sure I got it. 我有大笑,但是我看不太懂 
[05:23.22]What? 什么? 
[05:25.15]You didn't get it? 你看不懂? 
[05:26.65]The doctor is a monkey. 那个医生是只猴子 
[05:30.49]And monkeys can't write out prescriptions. 猴子没办法开处方 
[05:35.63]You are not allowed to laugh at my joke. 我的笑话不准你笑 
[05:39.17]Your joke? 你的笑话? 
[05:40.80]Well,I think the Hef would disagree. 海夫纳可不同意 (花花公子创办人) 
[05:43.97]Which is why he sent me a check... 所以他寄了这张支票给我 
[05:46.47]for $100. 100美元 
[05:48.91]So you stole my joke and you stole my money? 你偷我的笑话,还偷我的钱 
[05:52.58]I was gonna stick it in the ATM. 我本来要轧进柜员机里 
[05:54.78]But now I think I'll show the sexy teller... 现在我决定让那位性感女柜员 
[05:57.92]that I am a published writer. 知道我是个作家 
[06:00.96]She'll know that you stole the joke. 她会知道你是偷来的 
[06:03.42]You gonna follow me there? 你想怎样,跟着我去吗? 
[06:05.13]-Yeah. -I'm not gonna go now. 没错 反正我现在又不去 
[06:07.16]Okay. 好 
[06:11.27]Here you go. 帐单 
[06:15.80]Gunther? 阿甘 
[06:17.54]I can't pay now, because I'm not working. 我现在不能付 我没工作 
[06:20.27]I've had to cut down on some luxuries like... 得节省不必要的开销 
[06:23.11]paying for stuff,so.... 像付帐之类的 
[06:27.28]Well,if you want,you can work here. 你可以来这里工作 
[06:30.18]I don't know. 我不晓得… 
[06:31.65]It's just.... 
[06:33.39]See, I was a regular on a soap opera, you know? 我演过连续剧 
[06:36.86]And to go from that to this, it's just.... 从明星到服务生,我实在… 
[06:40.06]And plus, I'd have to wait on all my friends. 而且还得招呼我的朋友 
[06:43.20]Okay. But the money's good. 好,但薪水很高 
[06:45.07]Plus, you get to stare at Rachel as much as you want. 还可以看瑞秋看个够 
[06:50.57]What? 什么? 
[06:52.07]Flexible hours. 弹性工作时间 
[06:55.41]Maybe I could be a waiter. 也许可以喔 
[06:57.48]Could I use the phone? 可以用电话吗? 
[07:06.19]She picked Rachel. 她选瑞秋 
[07:07.69]She tried to back out of it, but it was obvious. She picked Rachel. 她想改口 但是很明显,她选瑞秋 
[07:12.59]He took my joke. He just took it. 他偷了我的笑话 
[07:16.26]This is wrong. You know what else is wrong? 这样是不对的 还有什么是不对的? 
[07:19.17]Phoebe picking Rachel. 菲比选了瑞秋 
[07:21.17]Know who else picked Rachel? Ross. 还有谁会选瑞秋? 
[07:23.24]Know what else Ross did? He stole my joke. 罗斯,罗斯还做了什么? 他偷了我的笑话 
[07:27.74]I'm gonna get a joke journal, you know? 我要买一本笑话日志 
[07:30.38]And document the date and time of every single one of my jokes. 记录我每次讲笑话的日期时间 
[07:34.02]Good idea. Know what's a bad idea? 好主意 你知道什么主意不好? 
[07:36.55]-Picking Rachel. -That's right. 选择瑞秋 没错 
[07:41.59]Did you hear something? 什么声音? 
[07:43.26]Maybe it's the sound of Ross climbing into my brain to steal my thoughts. 也许是罗斯爬进我的脑袋 窃取我的思绪 
[07:48.10]It's coming from the living room. 是客厅传来的 
[07:56.57]I finished my book. 我的书看完了 
[08:05.55]-Hey,you guys. -Hey. 你们好 
[08:08.25]Don't you guys look cute. 你们好可爱 
[08:10.79]You guys make a cute couple. 真是可爱的一对 
[08:14.16]What are you doing? 摩妮卡,你在干嘛? 
[08:15.82]Just trying to re-create some of the fun that we had at my place. 没什么 我只是想制造出前两天的乐趣 
[08:20.16]Remember? When you picked Rachel over me? 就是你选瑞秋不选我那次 
[08:22.63]That was funny. 多好玩啊 
[08:25.40]-It was kind of funny. -It wasn't funny at all! 是蛮好玩的 一点也不好玩 
[08:29.57]Why would you do that? 你为什么选她? 
[08:31.44]Why didn't you pick me? 为什么不选我? 
[08:33.61]Fine. 好 
[08:35.28]The reason I was leaning a little bit more toward Rachel than you... 我之所以比较倾向瑞秋 
[08:39.48]is just, you know, you're... 是因为你… 
[08:42.02]high maintenance. Let's go to lunch! 有点难搞 我们去吃饭吧 
[08:44.42]That is completely untrue. 哪有这回事 
[08:47.02]You think I'm high maintenance? Prove it. 你觉得我难搞? 证明给我看 
[08:49.62]You write out a list, and we'll go through it point by point. 你列一张清单 我们逐条讨论 
[08:55.36]No, you're right, you're easygoing. 你说得对,你很好相处 
[08:59.33]You're just not as easygoing as Rachel. She's just more... 你只是没有瑞秋那么好相处 她比较... 
[09:03.27]flexible and mellow. That's all. 有弹性,比较圆融 
[09:08.94]Well,people are different. 每个人都不一样 
[09:12.21]Rachel will do whatever you want. You can just walk all over her. 瑞秋什么都好 怎么欺负她都行 
[09:17.39]What? Are you saying that I'm a pushover? I'm not a pushover. 慢着,你是说我没个性吗? 我才没有 
[09:21.62]Oh,okay. You're not a pushover. 好,你有个性 
[09:26.29]You think I'm a pushover. Well,watch this. 天哪,你觉得我没个性 你听着 
[09:29.36]You're not invited to lunch! 我们不跟你吃饭了 
[09:31.47]What do you think? Pretty strong,I think. 怎么样?够强硬了吧? 
[09:34.24]Come on,Monica,let's go to lunch. 摩妮卡,我们去吃饭 
[09:38.67]You start working on that list. 把清单列出来 
[09:42.64]-I cannot believe her. -I know. Where do you want to eat? 她真是太扯了 就是啊,你想吃什么? 
[09:47.25]-Oh,I love that Japanese place. -I'm sick of Japanese. Not there. 我很喜欢那家日本料理 我吃腻日本菜了,不要去那家 
[09:51.32]Wherever you want to go is cool. 那看你想去哪里 
[09:58.76]Oh,hey,Gunther... 阿甘 
[10:00.33]check this out. 你看 
[10:04.57]Yeah,that Chandler cracks me up. 那个钱德真的很好笑 
[10:11.24]You want anything to drink? I'm heading up there. 罗斯,你要喝什么吗? 我要去柜台 
[10:14.61]-I'll take a coffee. Thanks. -Sure. 要,我要咖啡,谢了 不客气 
[10:17.41]-Coffee? -No. 咖啡? 不要 
[10:18.91]Coffee? I'm going up there. 要咖啡吗?我要去柜台 
[10:20.68]No,thank you. 不用了 谢谢 
[10:23.42]You need anything? I'm heading up there. 需要什么吗?我要去柜台 
[10:26.39]I'd love ice water. 我要一杯冰水 
[10:27.89]You got it. 没问题 
[10:30.76]What are you doing? 乔伊,你在干什么? 
[10:32.36]Just being friendly. 表示友善啊 
[10:35.93]You're not supposed to go back there. 乔伊,你不能去柜台后面 
[10:38.70]It's okay. Right? 没关系啦,对吧,阿甘? 
[10:41.90]Don't wink at me. 别跟我使眼色 
[10:44.74]And put on your apron. 把围裙穿上 
[10:48.64]Okay. 穿就穿 
[10:50.14]I don't see you asking other paying customers to put on aprons. 你怎么不叫其他客人穿围裙 
[10:55.12]-Joey,do you work here? -No. 乔伊,你在这里打工吗? 没有 
[10:58.09]-Waiter. -Yeah! 服务生 什么事? 
[11:02.99]What's going on? Why didn't you tell us you work here? 乔伊,怎么回事? 你为什么不告诉我们? 
[11:09.40]It's kind of embarrassing. I mean, I was an actor,now I'm a waiter. 这件事蛮尴尬的 我之前是演员,现在是服务生 
[11:13.83]It's supposed to go the other direction. 一般应该反过来才对 
[11:16.74]So's your apron. You're wearing it like a cape. 你的围裙也反穿成披风了 
[11:20.78]I mean, the job's easy and the money's good, you know? 这份工作很简单,薪水很高 
[11:24.11]I guess if I'm hanging out here, I might as well get paid for it. 反正我都在这混,干脆赚个钱 
[11:28.28]I just feel kind of weird serving you guys, you know? 只是要招呼你们感觉很怪 
[11:31.82]It'll be great. 
[11:33.25]Come on,I did it and it was fine. 我也做过,还好啊 
[11:35.82]Why would it be weird? 对啊,怎么会怪? 
[11:37.59]Hey,Joey? Can I get some coffee? 乔伊,帮我端个咖啡 
[11:41.73]It doesn't seem that weird. 确实没那么怪 
[11:44.00]I asked before. You still haven't gotten it. 我说真的,我点的咖啡还没来 
[11:48.44]See, now it's weird again. 现在又变怪了 
[11:51.34]You're gonna make a lot of money. Here's your first tip. 你来这里工作是好事 你会赚大钱,给你一个忠告 
[11:56.14]Don't eat yellow snow. 不要学坏 
[12:00.85]2:15, coffeehouse. 2点15分,咖啡馆 
[12:05.45]This is great. Finally, someone I can pass my wisdom to. 太好了 总算有人能传承我的智慧 
[12:08.86]Let me tell you some things I learned working here. 告诉你几件我在这里学到的事 
[12:12.99]First,the customer is always right. 首先,顾客永远是对的 
[12:16.26]A smile goes a long way. 微笑能让你无往不利 
[12:20.50]And if anyone is ever rude to you, sneeze muffin. 有人对你不客气 就朝松饼打喷嚏 
[12:26.14]Thanks,Rach. 谢了 
[12:29.01]Hey, look, you guys are just terrific, you know? 你们对我真好 
[12:32.18]How about clearing out so I can get some new customers? 要不要清场让别人进来了? 
[12:35.48]It's all about turnover. 有流动才有商机 
[12:40.79]Seriously,can I get my coffee? 乔伊,我想喝咖啡了 
[12:44.29]I'm sorry. I'll get it right now. 抱歉,马上来 
[12:46.83]And since you waited, I'll toss in a free muffin. 我送你一块松饼做补偿 
[12:56.07]Phoebe,we'd like to talk to you. 菲比,我们想跟你谈谈 
[12:58.67]Okay. 好 
[13:00.17]So,maybe I am a little high maintenance. 或许我是有点难搞 
[13:03.51]And maybe Rachel is a little bit of a pushover. 或许瑞秋是有点没个性 
[13:06.65]But you know what you are? 但你知道你是什么吗? 
[13:08.55]We are sorry to tell you this, but you, Phoebe, are flaky. 很抱歉这么说 但是你,菲比,是个怪人 
[13:15.72]That's true, I am flaky. 没错,我是很怪 
[13:19.03]So,what,you're just okay with being flaky? 所以你怪也无所谓? 
[13:22.90]Yeah,totally. 完全无所谓 
[13:25.37]Then I'm okay with being high maintenance. 那我难搞也无所谓 
[13:28.10]Yeah. And I am okay with being a pushover. 我没个性也无所谓 
[13:31.41]That's great. Good for you guys. 太好了,无所谓就好 
[13:34.28]-I am not high maintenance! -I am not a pushover! 我才不难搞 我才没有没个性 
[13:38.51]-Who said you were? -You did! 谁说你们是了? 你啊 
[13:40.95]I'm flaky. I'll say anything. 我是怪人,专门乱说话 
[13:49.56]Hey,Gunther. 阿甘 
[13:51.06]Can you cover for me? I got an audition. 帮我挡一下,我接到试镜通知 
[13:53.76]No, I'm leaving to get my hair dyed. 不行,我要去染头发 
[13:58.10]I like your natural color. 是吗?我喜欢你的自然色 
[14:02.47]It's a great part. I'm the lead guy's best friend. 拜托啦,这是个好角色 我演男主角的死党 
[14:06.14]I wait for him and save his seat. Listen. 在酒吧帮他占位子,你听 
[14:09.48]"I'm sorry, that seat's saved." 抱歉,这个位子有人 
[14:13.98]-That's the whole part? -Maybe he's not his best friend. 就这样? 或许不是他的死党,但是… 
[14:18.42]I'll see you. 1小时后见 
[14:22.66]I could totally get that part. "I'm sorry,this seat is taken." 我绝对能拿到那个角色 抱歉,这个位子有人 
[14:26.73]-Excuse me. -No,I didn't mean you. 抱歉 不,我不是说你 
[14:30.26]But you believed me? 但你以为是真的吧? 
[14:32.43]I believed you were saving this seat for someone. 我以为你在帮别人占位 
[14:36.40]So you'd hire me,right? 所以你会用我罗? 
[14:39.01]For what? 用你干嘛? 
[14:41.41]Exactly! All right, everybody listen up! 就是说嘛…各位请注意 
[14:44.31]The coffeehouse will be closed for about an hour. 本店要暂停营业1小时 
[14:47.35]What? 什么? 
[14:49.92]It's for the kids. 好帮助孩子们 
[14:51.52]Yeah,to keep the kids off drugs. 帮助他们远离毒品 
[14:54.52]It's a very important issue in this month's Playboy. 这是本期花花公子的重要报导 
[14:58.33]I'm sure you all read about it. 各位一定都看过 
[15:03.36]Hey! Don't you wanna keep guns away from kids? 你不想让孩子们远离枪枝吗? 
[15:06.57]-You said,"drugs." -It's a vicious cycle. Get out! 你刚才说毒品 这是恶性循环,滚啦 
[15:12.57]Go! 快点 
[15:25.89]-It's my joke. -It's my joke. 那是我的笑话 是我的 
[15:31.33]It's my joke. 是我的 
[15:34.70]I don't think we're gonna settle this. 我们再吵也吵不出结果 
[15:38.17]Let's have Monica decide. 让摩妮卡决定吧 
[15:40.57]-Hey,Mon! -Get out here! 小妹 亲爱的,出来一下 
[15:42.40]-Monica? -Okay. 摩妮卡 
[15:44.57]You have to decide whose joke this is. 你来决定这个笑话是谁的 
[15:47.14]Why do I have to? 为什么要我决定? 
[15:48.38]You're the only one that can be fair. 因为你才能客观公正 
[15:50.81]I can't be. You're my boyfriend. 我不能,你是我的男朋友 
[15:52.88]But I'm your brother. We're family. 但我是你哥哥,我们是家人 
[15:55.25]That's the most important thing in the world. 世上最重要的就是亲情 
[16:01.06]Don't try to sway her. 不要想左右她 
[16:03.19]I'm your only chance to have a baby. 只有我能让你生小孩 
[16:09.93]-Okay,let's go. -All right. 我们开始吧 好 
[16:11.67]We'll each tell you how we came up with the joke... 我们会说出这个笑话的由来 
[16:15.54]then you decide which one of us is telling the truth. Me. 你再决定谁说的是实话…是我 
[16:20.17]Chandler, you first. 钱德,你先 
[16:21.68]I thought of the joke two months ago at lunch with Steve. 好,我是2个月前 跟史提夫吃饭时想到的 
[16:25.28]-Did I meet him at Christmas? -Can I finish? 就是圣诞节那?砘锫穑 让我说完好吗? 
[16:28.05]You want me to pick you? 你要我选你吗? 
[16:30.75]See,I would never snap at you like that. 我绝对不会那样凶你 
[16:35.92]Two babies. 
[16:42.36]-Continue. -Okay. 请继续 
[16:43.80]Steve said he had to go to the doctor. And his doctor's name is Dr. Mompey. 史提夫说他去看医生 他的医生姓侯奇 
[16:48.80]I said, "Dr. Monkey?" And that is how the whole Dr. Monkey thing came up. 我说“猴子医生?” 所以才会有猴子医生这个笑话 
[16:58.21]Are you kidding? 你开什么玩笑 
[17:00.48]Okay,look,I study evolution. 我是学进化论的 
[17:03.15]Remember? Evolution. 记得吧?进化论 
[17:04.82]Monkey into man. 猴子进化成人 
[17:06.62]Plus,I'm a doctor. And... 况且我是博士 
[17:08.56]I had a monkey. 我还养过猴子 
[17:13.73]I'm Dr. Monkey! 我是猴子博士 
[17:18.40]I'm not arguing with that. 这点我不跟你争 
[17:21.07]I've heard enough for my decision. 好,可以了,我决定好了 
[17:23.34]-Okay,so what..? -Do tell. 那是?? 
[17:25.17]You are both idiots. 你们两个都是白痴 
[17:29.01]It's not funny. And it's offensive to women. 那个笑话不但不好笑 还冒犯了女性 
[17:31.85]And doctors. And monkeys. 还有医生,还有猴子 
[17:35.45]You shouldn't argue over who gets credit. 你们不该争笑话是谁的 
[17:37.79]You should argue over who gets blamed for inflicting this joke on the world. 应该争是谁让这世界受这种罪 
[17:42.92]Now,let it go. 别再争了 
[17:44.49]The joke sucks. 那个笑话烂透了 
[17:52.30]-It's your joke. -It is not. 那是你的笑话 才不是 
[18:09.55]-Oh, my God, Chandler, there you are. -Hi. 钱德,你在这里 
[18:13.79]Hey,it's Phoebe and Rachel. 是菲比和瑞秋 
[18:16.12]Why don't you tell them... 你要不要告诉她们 
[18:17.66]what you told me about me not being high maintenance. 你刚才说我并不难搞? 
[18:24.00]Monica is a self-sufficient, together lady. 摩妮卡是个自信沉着的女性 
[18:29.70]Being with her has been like being on a vacation. 跟她在一起就像在度假 
[18:35.14]And what may be perceived as high maintenance... 至于所谓的难搞 
[18:38.21]is merely attention to detail... 只是注重小细节... 
[18:41.01]and... 和… 
[18:43.52]generosity of spirit. 心灵的慷慨 
[18:47.69]Wow. You know what? That is the best fake speech I think I've ever heard. 这真是我所听过最棒的假话 
[18:52.66]Really? I've heard better. 真的?我听过更棒的 
[18:55.40]Wait, he came up with that himself. Tell them. 等等,那是他自己说的 你告诉她们 
[18:59.77]I'm out of words. Should I say it again? 我已经词穷了 可以重复就好吗? 
[19:02.07]Look, I am not high maintenance! 我一点也不难搞 
[19:04.27]I am not. Chandler! 钱德 
[19:08.78]You're a little high maintenance. 你是有点难搞 
[19:11.58]You are on my list! 你上黑名单了 
[19:14.85]Look,I'm sorry,but you're not.. 对不起 不过... 
[19:17.05]You're not easygoing, but you're passionate. 你并不好相处 但你很热情 
[19:20.09]And that's good. 这样很好 
[19:21.59]And when you get upset about little things,I think I'm pretty good... 当你为小事不高兴时 我觉得... 
[19:25.73]at making you feel better. 我蛮能安抚你的 
[19:27.79]That's good too. They say you're high maintenance... 那样也很好 所以她们说你难搞也行 
[19:30.96]but it's okay,because I like... 因为我喜欢… 
[19:35.30]maintaining you. 搞定你 
[19:45.55]I didn't tell him that. 我没叫他说这些 
[19:51.29]-You're off my list. -I'm off the list. 你从黑名单除名了 我除名了 
[19:54.42]Phoebe? 菲比 
[19:56.89]It's okay that you don't want me to be your girlfriend. 你不找我当女朋友也没关系 
[20:00.29]I have the best boyfriend. 因为我有最棒的男朋友 
[20:03.43]You know, suddenly I find you very attractive. 我突然觉得你好迷人 
[20:10.14]How'd the audition go? 兄弟,试镜结果如何? 
[20:11.91]Oh, not good. No. 不好 
[20:13.47]I didn't get the part. And I lost my job here,so... 我没拿到那个角色 这里的工作也没了,所以… 
[20:17.41]Wow,that is a bad audition. 好惨烈的试镜 
[20:21.52]Well,how did you lose your job here? 这里的工作为什么没了? 
[20:24.28]I had the audition... 我要去试镜 
[20:25.79]but Gunther said I had to stay so he could get his hair dyed. 但阿甘叫我顾店 他好去染头发 
[20:29.66]So I went anyway, and he fired me. 但我还是去了,他就炒我鱿鱼 
[20:31.99]He left work to do a personal errand... 他扔下工作去办私事 
[20:35.13]and left you in charge when you've been here two days? 叫才来2天的你顾店? 
[20:38.70]That's not right. 这样不对吧 
[20:40.50]What are you gonna do? 但是能怎么办? 
[20:42.60]You can't let him get away with that. 乔伊,你不能就这么算了 
[20:45.54]I won't let him get away with that. I'm gonna say.. 我绝不放过他,我要去教训他 
[20:48.94]I shouldn't say anything. No,I should say something! 不,我不该多事 不,我要去教训他 
[20:55.55]Gunther? I want you to give Joey his job back. 阿甘,让乔伊继续在这里打工
[20:58.95]-It's not fair that you have to fire.. -Okay. 你这样解雇他一点也不… 好 
[21:06.29]-What? -He can have his job back. 什么? 他可以继续打工 
[21:10.23]That's right, he can have his job back. 没错,他可以继续打工 
[21:14.77]Glad we got that all straightened out. 讲通了就好 
[21:18.51]There you go,Joey. 好了 
[21:20.07]-Got your job back. -That's great. Thanks. 你可以继续打工了 太好了,谢谢你 
[21:23.74]Pretty nice,huh? Now who's a pushover? 不赖吧?谁没个性了? 
[21:27.31]-Rach,you're in my seat. -I'm sorry. 你坐到我的位子了 抱歉 
[21:35.26]I never heard who you'd pick to be your girlfriend. 你们都没说会找谁当女朋友 
[21:38.03]-I'd pick you,Phoebe. -Yeah,definitely you,Phoebe. 我选你 没错,绝对是你 
[21:41.70]Yeah,I kind of thought. 我也这么觉得 
[21:47.00]-Never. -It would totally be you. 绝对是你 
[21:51.87]If you had to pick one of the other two to go out with... 我有一个问题 如果要找另外两个人当男朋友 
[21:55.48]who would you pick? 你们会找谁? 
[21:57.21]-No way. -I'm not answering. 少来 我拒绝回答 
[21:58.81]Joey. 乔伊 
[22:03.25]No way, I'm not answering that. 少来,我拒绝回答 

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