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美剧原文 老友记第五季21

[00:02.66]I'll get coffee. Want anything, baby doll? 我要点咖啡外带 洋娃娃,你也要吗? 

[00:05.10]I'm fine. Thanks. 不用了,谢谢 

[00:07.10]I can't pull off "baby doll," can l? 我不能叫你洋娃娃吧 

[00:09.07]No,I think we learned that from the "sugar lips" incident. 对,从那次甜甜嘴事件 我们已经学到教训了 

[00:13.24]I'll make some tea. 我去点茶来喝 

[00:15.34]How you doing,pumpkin? 小亲亲,你好吗? 


[00:19.58]-So it's going well for you two? -I know. Really well. 你们俩看起来越来越好了呢 我知道,真的很好 

[00:23.18]I'm gonna ask Phoebe to move in with me. 其实我正想要菲比搬来我家 

[00:26.12]What do you think? 你觉得呢? 

[00:27.59]It's great! When will you ask her? 这真是太棒了 你何时要问她? 

[00:29.79]Tonight. But don't say anything. 今天晚上,你先别透露喔 

[00:31.79]I swear. I promise. 我发誓不说,人格担保… 

[00:33.56]I'm so excited! 天啊,我超兴奋的 

[00:35.10]But listen,do not get her flowers, okay? 我跟你说,记得不要送她花 

[00:37.60]Because she cries when they die. Then there's the whole funeral. 因为花谢了她会哭 还会帮花办葬礼之类的 

[00:43.41]-I'll see you after work,sweetie. -Okay. Bye. 亲爱的,下班后再见 好,再见 

[00:48.24]So, what movie should we see? 我们应该去看什么电影? 

[00:50.78]Gary's gonna ask you to move in with him! 盖瑞要请你搬去跟他住 

[00:54.72]What? Really? 什么?真的吗? 

[00:55.92]He made me promise not to tell, but I couldn't hold it in any longer! 他刚才在吧台上跟我说的 他要我保证不会说出去 但我实在是憋不住 

[01:00.79]I can't believe this. 我不敢相信 

[01:02.12]Right? Because it's fast. Because it's so fast. It's fast. 对,因为太快了,太快… 

[01:06.66]Relax. It's Phoebe, not you. 别激动,是菲比,又不是你 

[01:09.63]Good for you, Phoebe. Way to go. 菲比,很厉害,有一套 

[01:11.90]No, but it is fast, isn't it? 不过真的是很快,对吧? 

[01:14.67]-I like him, but I'm not ready. -So,what are you gonna do? 我是很喜欢他没错 但我还没有准备好要同居 那你打算怎么办? 

[01:18.31]I don't know. I'll just handle it. I'll ask you to talk to him! 不知道,兵来将挡 干脆找你去和他说! 

[01:22.91]Me? Why me? 我?为何是我? 

[01:24.15]Because you are so afraid of commitment. 因为你怕死了给承诺 

[01:26.41]You talk to him. Make him scared like you, make him a man. 你去跟他说说 让他跟你一样怕 让他成为一个…男人 

[01:31.12]I'll try, but I'm not sure what good it'd do. 我会去试试 但我不确定会多有用 

[01:33.86]I'm less afraid of commitment than I used to be. 因为比起以前 我现在已经不很害怕承诺了 

[01:36.52]That is so sweet. 真是太甜蜜了 

[01:39.29]Still terrified. I'll take care of it. 还是很怕 但我会处理,没问题 

[01:46.73]The One With the Ball 本集播出:“同居大不行” 

[02:35.55]Hey,Ross,is Staten lsland really an island? 罗斯,斯塔顿岛真的是岛吗? 

[02:39.75]That's why they call it Staten "lsland." 是啊,所以才叫斯塔顿“岛” 

[02:42.99]Oh,I thought it was like Long lsland. 我还以为那跟长岛一样 

[02:51.27]Also an island. 长岛也是岛 

[02:54.54]-What time is it? -2:17. 几点了? 2点17分 

[02:57.61]We haven't dropped this ball for an hour. 你知道吗?我们丢这个球连续一小时都没有漏接落地 

[03:01.91]Are you serious? 你是认真的? 

[03:03.04]I realized it a half-hour ago, but I didn't say anything. 对,我半小时前就发现了 之所以没说 

[03:06.11]I didn't wanna jinx it. 是怕坏了好事 

[03:08.42]We are pretty good at this. 我们还真会丢接球呢 

[03:12.22]We totally forgot about lunch. 我们完全忘了吃午餐 

[03:15.59]That's the first time I've ever missed a meal. 这是我第一次忘记吃饭 

[03:18.46]I think my pants are a little loose. 对,我的裤子都有点松了 

[03:25.13]Hey,you guys. Is Monica here? 嗨,摩妮卡在吗? 

[03:28.84]I bought something. I'm not sure she'll like it. 我带了东西回来 我不确定她会喜欢 

[03:31.61]It may seem crazy, but I've wanted this since I was a little girl. 听起有点奇怪 那个东西我从小就想要了 

[03:35.78]You bought Shaun Cassidy! 你带的是史恩卡希迪? (歌手) 

[03:38.68]No. I wish! 不是,我也希望是 

[03:40.15]Okay,you ready? 你们准备好了没? 好了 


[03:45.99]Check it out. 请看! 

[03:52.46]What is it? 那是啥啊? 

[03:53.86]What the hell is that? 什么鬼东西? 

[03:57.13]It's a cat. 这是猫啊 

[03:58.53]That is not a cat! 这才不是猫 

[04:01.30]Yes,it is! 这就是猫啊 

[04:02.70]Why is it inside out? 它的皮怎么翻出来了? 

[04:08.98]Excuse me! 帮帮忙 

[04:10.48]But this is a purebred, show-quality sphinx cat. 这可是展示级的 纯种狮身人面猫 

[04:14.98]How much did you pay for that? 你花了多少钱买的? 

[04:17.69]It was extravagant, but I got a good deal. 有点奢侈 但我谈到了很好的价钱 

[04:20.29]-How much? -Thousand bucks. 多少钱? 一千美元 

[04:24.19]On a cat? 买一只猫? 

[04:26.83]It's not a cat! 那才不是猫! 

[04:30.03]For a thousand dollars, you'd think at least it'd come with hair. 花一千元起码也要有毛才对 

[04:35.14]Or something. 或是其他有的没的 

[04:37.14]All right. Listen, ball boys. 你们这两个玩球的给我听好 

[04:39.21]My grandma had one when I was little. It was the sweetest thing. 我小时候祖母就养了这种猫 它们最讨人喜欢了 

[04:43.01]It would sit in my lap and just purr all day long. 超可爱的,躺在我的膝盖上 整天满足地喵喵叫 

[04:46.38]I would drag a string and it would chase it. 我还会拿鞋带在地上拖 让它追着跑 

[04:49.45]Free cats do that too, you know. 不要钱的猫也会那样 

[04:52.55]It's not a cat! 那才不是猫! 

[04:54.56]I'm really excited about this,okay? I don't care what you think. 反正我买得很兴奋 我才不管你们怎么想 

[04:58.39]I'm gonna set up a litter box for Mrs. Whiskerson. 我要去帮威丝克森太太 张罗出一个小猫砂盒 

[05:03.23]What am I gonna call her? Fluffy? 不然我要叫它“毛毛”吗? 

[05:09.47]Do you wanna get something to eat, or see how long we can throw this ball? 你要去吃点东西吗? 还是要看我们能来回丢多久? 

[05:15.14]The ball thing. 继续丢球 是喔 

[05:18.41]Wouldn't it be great if we could go for two hours without dropping it? 若我们连丢两小时不落地 那样是不是棒? 

[05:24.82]Yeah,it would! 对喔 

[05:27.89]Let's do it. 来吧 好 

[05:34.80]I have to pee. 我要尿尿 

[05:36.46]And Rachel's in the bathroom! 瑞秋却在洗手间里 

[05:43.44]Man,I didn't think we'd make it. 没想到这样也行 

[05:46.77]I know. 是啊 

[05:48.31]Don't switch hands, okay? 你别换手喔 

[05:58.59]Hey, ladies. What are you in here for? 小姐,你们在这里干嘛? 

[06:05.19]What are you doing here? 钱德,你来这里干嘛? 

[06:06.99]I am here to report a crime. 盖瑞,我是来报案的 是吗? 

[06:09.26]It's a crime that we don't spend time together. 我们俩不常聚在一起 是一种罪 

[06:11.87]What's up? 你有什么事? 

[06:14.64]You're thinking about moving in with Phoebe, and I thought we should talk. 听说你在考虑要菲比跟你同居 我心想我们或许应该聊聊 

[06:18.97]You know,man to... 男人… 

[06:20.44]...well,me. 跟我的对话 

[06:22.64]Sure,okay. 好啊,没问题 

[06:24.81]Are you crazy? 你在发什么神经? 

[06:27.28]Are you insane? 你疯了? 

[06:28.52]If you live with Phoebe,you two are gonna be living together. 若你和菲比同居 你们两个就会住在一起了 

[06:32.95]I considered that. It'd make me happy. 对,我考虑过了 我知道这会让我快乐 

[06:35.72]-You mean scared. -No,I mean happy. 你是说害怕吧 不,我是说快乐 

[06:38.16]Scared happy. 害怕?快乐? 

[06:41.00]What are you doing? 钱德,你在干嘛? 

[06:42.36]I'm trying to open your eyes! 我在让你张开眼睛啊 你看不出来吗? 

[06:44.20]If you live with Phoebe, she is always gonna be there. 若你和菲比同居 她就永远都会在 

[06:47.30]You get home,she's there. You go to bed, she's there. 你回家会看到她 你上床也会看到她 

[06:50.47]You wake up and, oh, yes, she's there. 你起床呢?对,她还是在 

[06:53.81]I know. I can't wait! 我知道,我都等不及了 

[06:56.31]Were your parents happy or something? 你父母的婚姻很幸福吧? 

[07:00.01]I was lucky enough to find someone that I really love. 钱德,我看这件事的角度是 我很幸运能找到我的真爱 

[07:03.72]I just want to be around her as much as I can. 我想要尽量多跟她在一起 

[07:07.32]When you say it, it doesn't sound so scary. 怪了,这件事从你嘴里说出来 感觉就没那么恐怖了 

[07:10.22]You know what I'm saying? 所以你懂我的意思吧? 

[07:11.76]Yeah,I think I do. 对,我想我懂 

[07:13.73]You know what? 这样吧 

[07:15.06]Move in with her. Move in right now. Maybe I'll move in with Monica. 跟她同居 马上就去跟她同居 或许我也应该和摩妮卡同居 

[07:19.60]No,it's too soon for you guys. 不成,你们不能操之过及 

[07:23.40]You're right about that. 是啊,你说的对 

[07:28.38]When they found the remains of the Mesozoic mastodon... 他们找到中生代乳齿象化石 

[07:31.28]...they discovered what appeared to be the remains... 却在嘴部发现到 

[07:34.12]...of a Paleozoic amphibian in its jaws. 类似古生代两栖类的构造 

[07:38.72]How did it get there? 怎么会牛头不对马嘴? 

[07:42.89]Maybe this should be more of a quiet game. 或许这个游戏应该安静一点 

[07:47.63]Hey,guys. 嗨 嗨 

[07:49.20]I left my watch here last night. 我昨晚把手表放在柜子上 

[07:51.37]-lt was here. Where is it? -I don't know. 本来还在这里,到哪儿去了? 我不知道 

[07:53.63]I'm late for work. 别闹了,我上班快迟到了 

[07:55.20]How do you know? You don't have a watch. 你怎么知道?你又没戴表 

[07:59.21]Can you stop throwing the ball for one minute and help me find it? 能不能停一下再丢球 先帮我找表? 

[08:03.21]Oh, I don't know.... Yeah,can't do it. 不知道,没办法喔 

[08:11.12]-What? -Do not drop that ball. 怎样啦?怎样都好 千万别把球掉地上 

[08:13.55]We haven't dropped it in.... 我们保持球不落地已经… 

[08:15.06]Two hours,27 minutes. 2小时27分钟 

[08:18.43]Really? 真的啊? 

[08:20.90]I won't make it in to work today. 我今天没办法去上班 

[08:23.56]I don't feel very good. 我人不太舒服 


[08:28.97]For a second, I thought I was feeling better, but I'm not. 我刚才突然觉得自己好多了 但其实没有 

[08:35.14]Hey, Rach. 瑞秋 嗨 

[08:36.64]Check it out. Almost three hours without dropping it. 快来看,球不落地接近三小时 

[08:40.65]Congratulations. That's quite a waste of time. 恭喜了,真是浪费时间 

[08:46.95]You have scratches all over you. 你身上都是抓痕,怎么了? 

[08:49.02]Well,it's my cat. 是我的猫 

[08:51.59]-Oh,I got a cat. -I don't want a cat! 对了,我养了一只猫 我不想养猫 

[08:54.03]Don't worry,it's not a cat. 别担心,那不是猫 没错 

[08:57.50]You guys,this cat is nothing like my grandmother's cat. 这只猫跟我祖母养过的猫 完全不一样 

[09:01.44]It's not sweet. It's not cute. 既不讨人喜欢,也不可爱 

[09:03.60]I dragged a string,and it flipped out and scratched the hell out of me. 我在地上拉着线逗它玩 它竟然发飙 把我抓得乱七八糟 

[09:10.18]I know this sounds crazy, but every time this cat hisses at me... 我知道这听来很疯狂 但我发誓 这只猫每次嘘我的时候 

[09:14.52]...I know it's saying,"Rachel!" 我知道它都在说“瑞秋” 

[09:23.32]Doesn't sound as crazy as paying $1000 for a cat. 花一千买美元买一只猫 比刚才那些话更疯狂 

[09:27.40]You paid $1000 for a cat when you owe me $300? 你欠我三百美元不还 还拿一千美元去买猫? 

[09:30.36]Well,I was gonna let you play with it. 我本来打算让你跟它玩的 


[09:41.18]Did you talk to Gary about moving in? 你跟盖瑞聊过同居的事没? 

[09:43.21]I think you should do it. 聊过了,我觉得你应该答应 

[09:46.41]He's a great guy and he loves you a lot. You are a very lucky lady. 他很棒,他也很爱你 你非常幸运 

[09:51.75]You are useless! 你真没用 

[09:54.92]Freaking out about commitment is the one thing you can do... 害怕承诺是你唯一会做的事 

[09:58.16]...and you can't even do that right! 你竟然连那件事都做不好! 天啊 

[10:00.33]Sorry. If he asked me, I'd move in with him. 抱歉 换做我都愿意和他同居 

[10:06.73]Get out of here,good-for-nothing. 窝囊废,你滚吧 

[10:11.27]Hey,Chandler. 钱德 

[10:12.94]Hey,Gar. 盖瑞 

[10:15.91]Hey,sweetie. 亲爱的 

[10:17.58]Can I talk to you for a second? 能不能先聊一下? 好啊 

[10:22.75]You look pretty today. 你今天很美 

[10:24.12]Thanks. Okay. 谢谢,好吧 

[10:27.29]Here's the thing. 是这样的 

[10:28.52]I really want this relationship to move forward. 我很想让这段关系更进一步 

[10:31.89]If you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards. 因为不进则退 

[10:35.30]No, if you're not moving forward, you're staying still. 不对,那不是真的 如果不进,就是静止不动 

[10:38.53]And staying still is good. Watch this. 静止不动是很好的,你看 

[10:43.70]菲比 是 

[10:45.81]I want you to move in with me. 我要你搬来一起住 

[10:48.14]That is so sweet. 那真是太甜蜜了 

[10:50.41]But don't you think it's too soon? 但你不觉得太快了些吗? 

[10:52.91]There's so much we don't know about each other. 我们彼此还有太多地方不了解 

[10:58.99]Okay. I get it. 好吧,我懂了 

[11:02.29]I don't want us to jump into something that we're not ready for. 我只是不希望我们操之过急 你懂吧? 

[11:10.26]I don't want to mess up what we have. 我不想搞砸我们现在的一切 

[11:12.73]I'm worried it's gonna be a big mistake. 我担心同居会铸成大错 


[11:19.34]Which is why my answer is yes! 所以我的答案是我答应 

[11:23.98]Really? 真的吗? 

[11:25.65]You're so happy. 我好快乐 

[11:35.62]Monica, stop throwing it so hard! 摩妮卡,别丢那么大力! 

[11:39.76]We're on the same team! 我们是同一队 

[11:43.43]You guys have been doing this for four hours? 四个小时? 你们就这样丢了四小时? 

[11:46.37]That's right,baby. 宝贝,没错 

[11:48.04]-All right. Let me in. -No,no! Don't do it! 好,让我加入 不行!… 

[11:51.44]What? 什么? 

[11:53.97]He's a dropper. 他是掉球大王 

[11:57.61]Oh,yeah. That's right! 对,没错! 

[11:59.85]I'm not a dropper! 我才不是掉球大王 

[12:01.85]It's really a three-person game, you know? 这其实是三个人的游戏 

[12:06.15]It's throwing and catching. 还不就是你丢我接 

[12:08.99]All right. 好吧 

[12:13.83]Oh,it's so hard. 好大力喔 

[12:23.14]Don't worry,guys. It's not a cat. 别紧张,那不是猫喔 

[12:28.04]Oh,good God! 我的…天啊 

[12:30.28]I give up. I don't know what I'm gonna do with this thing. 我放弃了 我不知道要怎么处理 

[12:34.55]Baking it didn't help? 送它进烤箱也没用? 

[12:39.15]Take it back to where you got it. 把它送回你买的地方呢? 

[12:41.32]I tried. They won't take her back. 我试过了,他们不收 

[12:43.46]Maybe that's because she's a minion of the Antichrist. 或许是因为它是反基督的爪牙 

[12:49.46]Why won't they take it? 瑞秋,店家为什么不收? 

[12:51.13]They said they would only give me store credit. 他们说要收回可以 但只退我店里的购物券 

[12:53.90]What am I gonna do? Get 1000 regular cats? 我要拿来买什么? 一千只普通的猫不成? 

[12:57.64]You said it was a show cat. Why don't you show it,win some prize money. 你不是说这是展示猫吗? 那就带去比赛拿奖品啊 

[13:01.48]Those shows cost a hundred bucks to enter, and all you win are these ribbons... 参加猫展要先缴一百美元 赢来的东西 

[13:05.38]...which technically belong to the damn cat. 还不是都归这死猫所有 

[13:08.52]You can keep it until you find out what to do with it. 不然你先留着罗 等到你找到处理的方法 

[13:11.15]That's not the point. I'm out $1000... 不行,那不是重点 我破费一千美元 

[13:13.82]...I'm all scratched up... 搞得全身都是抓痕 

[13:15.46]...and I'm stuck with this stupid cat that looks like a hand! 还跟长得像手的蠢猫困在一起 

[13:23.46]Oh,my God! 天啊 

[13:24.60]The cat's made my eyes water. Don't throw it to me! 那只猫害我流眼泪了 别丢球给我! 

[13:27.57]My vision's been compromised! 我的视力被连累到了 

[13:31.47]Oh,God! Okay. 天啊,好了… 

[13:34.48]It's okay. Man,that was close. 现在好了,真是惊险 

[13:36.98]Yeah,you almost overreacted to something. 是啊,你的反应也太大了点 

[13:43.05]-We have great news. -We're moving in together. Yay! 我们有个好消息 我们要同居了,是不是很棒? 

[13:48.22]Congratulations. 恭喜… 

[13:49.79]-I'm so excited! -So am l. 是啊 我好兴奋 我也是 

[13:51.49]You're not more excited than I am. No way. I'm the most excited. 你才没有我兴奋,不可能 我是最兴奋的 

[13:55.96]See you at the station later. 好,晚点在局里见 

[13:57.60]I'll see you later. Don't forget about the moving-in! 好,晚点见 别忘了同居的事喔 

[14:02.00]So you're moving in with him? 你要搬去跟他住,怎么了? 

[14:03.94]I couldn't tell him no. He got so sad. Maybe it'll be all right. 我不忍心拒绝他 看他伤心成那样 或许不会有事的 

[14:08.41]I do like him a lot... 我真的很喜欢他 

[14:09.84]...and probably do it eventually,anyway. 同居八成也是迟早的事 

[14:12.85]Plus,think of all the money I'll save on stamps. 想想也可以省下不少邮票钱 

[14:16.95]Do you write him a lot? 怎么着?你常写信给他? 

[14:18.59]I heard when people live together... 不是,只是我听说同居的人 

[14:20.75]...they split the cost of stamps,don't they? 会分担邮票的费用,不是吗? 

[14:26.09]-Yeah,yeah. -That's right. 是啊,没错… 

[14:32.00]Sorry,the oven mitts really freaked me out. 抱歉,耐热手套吓了我一跳 

[14:41.94]Hey,honey. 亲爱的 

[14:44.55]Did you find any apartments in Brooklyn Heights? 你找到公寓没? 布鲁克林高地有吗? 

[14:46.88]No, nothing. 不,没找到 

[14:48.45]-Oh, really? -Yeah. 真的? 是啊 

[14:49.82]-Nothing at all? -No. 一间都没有? 没有 

[14:51.29]If something opens up,we'll move in. If it has a pool. I need a pool. 只要有公寓招租 我们马上搬进去 不过要有附泳池的 我需要泳池 

[14:57.69]Can I talk to you? 菲比,可以跟你聊一下吗? 

[15:03.16]Take a seat. 请坐 好 

[15:06.13]You okay? 你没事吧? 

[15:07.84]You feel all right? 还好吧? 

[15:10.24]I feel great, because we're moving in together. 我很好啊,因为我们要同居了 

[15:13.81]So you.... 那么... 

[15:15.21]You checked the paper for listings in Brooklyn Heights,right? 报上布鲁克林高地的租屋广告 你都看过了? 

[15:20.38]You checked the Post? 邮报你有查过吗? 

[15:22.58]Yeah,there was nothing. 有啊,啥都没有 

[15:26.25]-Can I get some water? -ln a minute. 我能喝点水吗? 等一下 

[15:30.49]You checked today's Post? 你查过今天的邮报吗? 

[15:32.53]Yeah,today's. 对,我是看今天的 

[15:35.16]Because this is today's Post. 这是今天的邮报 

[15:37.77]And these are the listings I found. 我找到了这些租屋广告 

[15:41.07]Brooklyn Heights, two bedrooms. Brooklyn Heights, one bedroom. 布鲁克林高地,两房 布鲁克林高地,一房 

[15:44.37]Brooklyn Heights,Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Heights! 布鲁克林高地地区… 

[15:48.11]Oh,are these for rent? I thought people were just bragging. 这些是要租的吗?我以为他们是在 炫耀自己的房子有多棒 

[15:53.51]Let me tell you what's going on here. 我来告诉你我的想法 

[15:55.95]Don't look at the table. Look at me. 不要看桌子,看着我 

[16:00.02]Somebody asked someone to move in with him. 一个男生要求一个女生同居 

[16:02.56]Someone said yes, but now she has doubts... 女生本来说好,现在反悔了 

[16:05.59]...because things are moving too fast. Does that sound possible? 因为女生觉得这样太快了 你觉得是不是这样? 

[16:12.03]Yes,fine! I am someone! 对!…好,我就是那个女生 

[16:16.37]You want me to say it? I have doubts! 你要我说老实话? 对,我是不确定 

[16:19.04]I'm sorry! 对不起 


[16:24.04]It's okay that you feel this way. 你有这种感觉也没关系 

[16:26.58]It is soon, and there's things we don't know about each other. 这真的是很快 我们对彼此有许多地方不了解 

[16:30.72]Everything I know about you, I really like. 我只是觉得 我知道的你,我都很喜欢 

[16:33.39]Things I don't know, I'll learn in a place with our names on the mailbox. 我还不知道的你 就等同居后再慢慢了解 

[16:38.83]That's so sweet. 那样好甜蜜喔 

[16:42.60]But if it's too soon for you, we don't have to do it. 不过如果你觉得这样太快 我刚才说的可以慢慢再来 不用赶着现在就同居 

[16:46.13]I want you to be happy. 我只想要你快乐 

[16:48.80]Living with you would make me happy. 跟你同居会让我快乐的 

[16:50.64]You don't have to say that. 菲比,你不用那样说 

[16:52.07]I want to live with you. I want to move in with you. 不,我很想跟你住在一起 我要跟你同居 

[16:55.08]Are you sure? 你确定? 

[16:57.41]Definitely,yes! Let's live in an apartment we both live in. 对,百分之百确定! 我们一起住在公寓同居吧 

[17:00.91]Oh,that's great. 太好了 

[17:03.02]Oh,wait, one sec. 等等… 

[17:04.72]Hey,you! Behind the glass. Who are you looking at? 镜子后面的人 你看什么看! 

[17:09.29]I always wanted to say that every time I was in these rooms, which was never. 我每次进来这种房间 都想说这句话 虽然我从没进来过 

[17:16.83]Show cat! 展示猫 

[17:18.17]Quality show cat! 高级的展示猫 

[17:21.77]-Show cat! -Oh,my God! 展示猫 天啊 

[17:24.04]What's wrong with your baby? 你的宝宝怎么了? 

[17:26.81]That's not a baby. That's a cat. 这不是宝宝,这是猫 

[17:29.11]-It's creepy-looking. -Oh,no. 长得还真吓人 不 

[17:31.78]It's actually very sweet. It's very sweet. Look. 它其实很讨人喜欢的… 不信你看 

[17:38.29]Yeah. Do you want it? 你要不要? 

[17:40.89]No,I hate cats. 不了,我恨猫 

[17:42.49]Then what are you doing to me? 那你干嘛跟我扯半天? 

[17:44.53]Get out of here,all right? Move on! 滚吧,继续走你的路 

[17:49.20]What an unusual cat. 这只猫真不寻常 

[17:50.90]Yes,thank you! Exactly. You want it? 是的,谢谢你 真的是这样,你要吗? 

[17:54.13]Maybe. 有可能 

[17:55.37]I was thinking about getting a cat from the shelter,but.... 我考虑要养猫 我正好要去流浪动物之家… 

[17:59.07]-Okay. Why not? -Oh,terrific! That'll be $2,000. 好吧,就它了 太好了,总共是两千美元 

[18:03.81]-What? -Okay,1000. 什么? 好吧,一千 

[18:06.15]Didn't you want me to adopt your cat? 我以为你是要我认养你的猫 

[18:08.05]I do,but you'll have to look at this as more of an investment than a cat. 是啊,不过这不只是猫 更是一项投资 

[18:13.12]Okay,yeah. I just wanted a cat. 好吧,我要的只是猫 

[18:18.89]Obviously,you know how to haggle, so I won't try and take you on. 你显然是杀价高手 所以我就不唬弄你了 

[18:23.26]So $800,and I don't call the cops, because you are robbing me blind! 算你八百,我也不报警了 因为你这根本是抢劫 

[18:27.63]Blind! Just take the cat. Leave the money. Run away! 把钱留下,猫带走 溜之大吉吧… 

[18:31.27]Run away. Damn it! 快走吧 可恶! 

[18:33.97]Can't you at least smile or something? 死猫,你起码也笑一下嘛 

[18:39.91]Did anybody just hear that? Anybody? 有没有人听到?谁听到了? 

[18:49.62]-I'm starving. -Come on,guys. Suck it up! 我饿死了 你们振作一点 

[18:52.93]We're closing in on 10 hours. 就快达成连续十小时了 

[18:54.93]It's gut-check time! 这是比毅力的时刻 

[18:57.13]I don't know who made you the boss. We invented this game. 怎么变成是你当老大? 这游戏是我们发明的 

[19:01.74]I made this game what it is! 帮帮忙,这游戏是因为我 才有现在的局面 

[19:03.77]Not fun anymore? 不再好玩的局面? 

[19:07.24]I'm still hungry. 我还是很饿 

[19:08.64]There's pizza at my place. We can eat with one hand. Are you with me? 好吧,我家还有一点比萨 你们可以用一手吃吧? 要不要? 

[19:12.55]-I am. -All right,let's go! Come on! 我要 好,我们走… 

[19:15.65]Let's go, Team Monica! 摩妮卡大队,走罗 

[19:20.39]We can work out the name later. 好啦,队名等一下再讨论 

[19:26.43]What is your cat doing in my bowl? 瑞秋,你的猫在我碗里干嘛? 

[19:28.76]I'm defrosting a chicken. 不是啦,我在解冻鸡肉 

[19:33.07]I sold Mrs. Whiskerson. 我把威丝克森太太卖掉了 

[19:34.94]Thank God! 谢天谢地 

[19:36.94]-Get your money back? -Yeah,$1500. 你的钱拿回来没? 有,一千五百美元 

[19:39.61]You made a profit? 哇,你还有赚耶 

[19:44.95]I just came for the red velvet pillow. 我是来拿红丝绒枕头的 

[19:48.75]-There you go. -Thanks,Rachel. 在这里 瑞秋,谢了 

[19:51.29]Don't forget, you can come visit her anytime. 别忘了,你随时可以来看它 

[19:54.45]Oh, good. Great. I'll keep that in mind. 好…我会记得的 

[20:01.63]So is this some kind of snake or something? 这是啥?某种蛇吗? 

[20:15.71]I like waking up with you. 我真喜欢和你一起醒来 

[20:17.51]I like waking up with you too. 我也是 

[20:20.38]Oh, it's such a beautiful morning. 今天早上真美 

[20:23.48]I could stay here all day. 我可以在床上待一整天 

[20:25.22]That would be great. 那样不错 

[20:27.22]-We could have breakfast in bed. -Wait,just a second. 我们可以在床上吃早餐 等等 好 

[20:33.96]Oh,no. 不会吧 

[20:38.57]All right. Come on, Monica! Look alive. Come on! 来,摩妮卡,活力点… 

[20:51.55]Oh,I was having the best dream. 我刚才做了最棒的梦 

[20:54.05]-What? -I dreamed I was drowning... 什么梦? 我梦到自己溺水 

[20:56.22]...and not throwing this ball. 不用再丢这颗球了 

[21:01.19]Oh, good. You're all up. 很好,你们都起床了 

[21:03.09]It's 6:00 in the morning. Why aren't you at Gary's? 菲比,现在才早上六点 你怎么没在盖瑞那里? 

[21:06.56]-Oh, yeah. That's over. -What? 对,结束了 什么? 

[21:08.53]Gary's such a great guy. You can work it out. 别这样,盖瑞这么好 有什么问题都能解决的 

[21:11.70]-He shot a bird. -That is over. 他开枪杀了一只鸟 结束了 

[21:15.20]-I'm sorry. -That's terrible. 太糟糕了…我很遗撼… 

[21:17.27]Are you okay? 菲比,你还好吧? 

[21:18.87]I'll be all right. 对…我不会有事的 

[21:21.14]Here,Phoebe. 菲比,接住 

[21:23.31]I don't feel like playing. 我不太想玩球 

[21:29.72]It's okay. It's okay. 没事… 

[21:33.32]It didn't happen. No one needs to know. 就当没发生这件事 没必要让别人知道 

[21:36.59]She's not an official ball player. 菲比又不是正式的队员 

[21:38.99]Only official ball players can drop the ball. 正式队员掉球才算数 

[21:43.13]-Come on. -Let's go. 算了…我好饿… 

[21:45.77]You wanna get breakfast? 菲比,要吃早餐吗? 

[21:47.63]Okay, let's race! 好,我们来赛跑 

[21:49.64]First one there wins. 最先到的赢 

[21:54.51]You guys wanna eat here? 你们要在这里吃吗? 

[22:01.78]That was great,huh? 在这里就好 

[22:03.05]Can you believe how long we threw it? 真不敢相信我们丢了那么久 

[22:05.42]It is amazing it lasted that long. 是啊,撑了那么久 真的很不可思议 

[22:07.75]My arm is killing me. 是啊,我的手臂酸死了 

[22:09.72]No, I meant with the dropper over here. 不是,我是说有掉球高手在 还能那么久 

[22:12.59]How did I get this reputation as a dropper? “掉球高手”这称号 怎么会落到我头上? 

[22:15.10]I am anything but a dropper. 我再怎么说也不是掉球高手 

[22:17.53]Ross! 罗斯… 

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